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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fuchsia Flash

I just can't seem to take ANY good pictures. But, I think you get to see the color okay without enlarging. Anyway, this is Maybelline New York Express Finish- Fuchsia Flash. It definitely is a FLASH! I don't know if you can tell at all from the picture, but when I looked down at my nails, I got a flash of blue. It's a quite interesting color... but the application was a little difficult. The polish was very water-y... so it needed about 3 coats, although I probably could have gotten away with a little less had it not been so water-y. I need tips on how to fix water-y polishes!

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Velvet said...

This is a lovely all year round color. These shades of fuchsia are always great to wear anytime,anywhere! That's what I think!