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Saturday, April 4, 2009


The rain has finally gone away! YAY! Except, I think it's going to rain again tomorrow. HAHA.
So, here's Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear-Gunmetal. This is such a cool color! I really LOVE it. It's just a metallic/silver color, but it's so shiny! I LOVE it! This took 2 coats and the application was okay. It's just a little thick which can make it hard to apply evenly. But, I would definitely recommend purchasing this color. It's pretty cheap and I got it at Walgreens. (I know they still have this color out on display.)
More to come. Keep checking back. :)


Velvet said...

Now that's nice!! I really like that color with your skintone,looks pretty.

Lucy said...

Haven't used this color yet. My girlfriend found about 10 packages of Sally Hansen polish in the Dollar Tree. Yah Hooooo!!!! Some pinks and some deeper colors with shimmers. Very exciting. I love this color. Haven't worn this brand in years.