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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Purple Diamond

Here is Sinful Colors- Purple Diamond. This is an amazing color. Very pretty purple with A LOT of sparkle. It's just a really really pretty, flattering color. I loved wearing it, and I caught myself looking at my nails a lot. It's even better on your nails than it is in the bottle. I recommend it!! :)


Lucy said...

Hi Li! That is a pretty, delicate lavender. Looks lovely on you. Sinful Colors are priced great and have excellent colors.

Velvet said...

Ooooh...this is one sinful polish I don't have. It does look very sparkly and pretty on you!

Mary said...

That's a very pretty color. I love Sinful polishes, some are a bit less pigmented, but those ones make great layering colors.

Olivia C. said...

Lucy~ Thanks. I think it's one polish that will look good on pretty much everyone.

Velvet~ Thanks! You should get it.

Mary~ I have a lot of their sparkly polishes for top coats. Those are so fun! :)