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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Luke Bryan

Take a look at Luke Bryan!!! Another cute Country music star. :)

Here are some songs to check out:
1) All My Friends Say
2) Country Man

I don't have much to say about Luke Bryan. Just that he's cute... and taken... :( lol  just kidding!!

Went out to Wal Mart today and picked up my first bottle of Pure Ice. Can't wait to try it!

How are ya'll doing? Hope everyone's staying cool! It's been another HOT day here.

Talk to ya'll later.


Velvet said...

I'm so behind the times...with country music! I don't think I know this singer. I've got to check out his songs. Maybe I'll recognize one of! He is a!

Olivia C. said...

Velvet~ I think I'm just WAY into country music. Ya'll probably get bored of these. But, I love to look at the pics of the cute guys!! :)