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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pink Crush + Comet

Here is Petites~ Pink Crush (the dark/metallic pink) with Comet (the glitter top coat).
On index and middle finger I have two coats of Pink Crush. On ring and pinky I have one coat of Pink Crush and two coats of Comet. Confusing??? lol

Pink Crush applies SOOOO WELL!!! It is like the perfect formula!! Comet applies just like every other glitter. The only difference was that it came off a little better. I really liked Pink Crush on its own AND paired with Comet. I thought they were the perfect match. :)



Velvet said...

I love these two colors! Just gorgeous. I've gotta stay on the look out, for these two at my local walmart and target. I'm all for glitters, that are easier to take off!

Olivia C. said...

Velvet~ They are the cutest little bottles! Hope you get some!! :)