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Thursday, July 9, 2009

20 Questions.

Hey ya'll. I've seen these little 20 question things on a lot of other blogs. Thought it would be fun to do one of my own. 
Hope ya'll will do one, too!

1) Things you cannot leave the house without?

The number ONE thing I can't leave the house (or any room in the house) without is definitely my cell phone. 

2) Favorite brand of make-up?

I don't really have a favorite. I like Neutrogena products. But, I use the cheap drug store stuff. I waste all my money on nail polish! lol

3) Favorite flower?

I love Lily of the Valley. 

4) Favorite clothing store?

American Eagle. 

5) Favorite perfume? 
Rocks by Ralph Lauren

6) Heels or Flats?

Flats. I used to have a lot of cute flats. I'm kinda down to like... tennis shoes. haha! But, I love to wear my wallabees (sp?) They're so comfortable and cute!

7) Do you make good grades?

I try to. This year wasn't the best... I want to do much better this coming school year. I need to do better!

8) Favorite Colors?

Red and Purple. I like Blue, too!

9) Do you drink energy drinks?

Not really. 

10) Do you drink juice?

Yes, cranberry is my favorite.

11) Do you like swimming?

Yes. Living in Florida I kinda have to! haha

12) Do you eat fries with a fork?


13) Favorite moisturizer?

Ummm. I don't really have one. 

14) Do you want to get married later on in life?


15) Do you get mad easily?

Yes... and it's not a good thing. :-/

16) Are you into ghost hunting?

Haha. No.

17) Any phobias?

I am SOOO afraid of cock roaches. It's so bad that I cry when I see one. Or, if someone jokes about seeing one. It FREAKS me out!!!

18) Do you bite your nails?

I have. I used to be really bad about biting them. I don't as much anymore. I should just stop all together, huh?? lol

19) Have you ever had a near death experience?

No. Thankfully!

20) Do you drink coffee?

I LOVE it. But, I don't drink it everyday. Weird?

Hope ya'll enjoyed that! I want to read all ya'll's too!! :)


Kae said...

I enjoyed reading more about you, thanks for sharing!

Olivia C. said...

Kae~ Thanks!! :)

Velvet said...

Lol!!!! I so feel your phobia for cockroaches!! I didn't mention them as a phobia. Because of not living in Florida anymore. That is the one thing I DO NOT miss about Florida! I used to scream and jump up on furniture to get away from them. And yes, I've even cried over them too. I'm deathly scared of roaches! My husband would kill them for me. Then tease me by acting like he was going to give me the dead roach. Talk about hearing a high pitched scream out of! I couldn't stand killing any roaches.(although I managed, when no husband was around. I would use a fly!) For fear some how it would get on me. Lol! Plus how gross, to kill them,"crunch" and their guts go everywhere! Gag, Yuck, Blah!! My whole family thought,and this includes my parents. Thought I always over reacted. Over a bug. But a roach isn't just any kind of bug! It's a COCKROACH!! Their in a league of their own! LOL!! Your twenty questions were so fun to read!

Olivia C. said...

Velvet~ Oh! haha! My whole family always makes fun of me. Not to mention my boyfriend. I just tell them to leave me alone. They have dumb fears, too! But yes... they are so nasty. And, they don't die right away either. It takes a few stomps to really kill them. UGH they are too gross. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in the world with this fear! Thanks! :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for answering all the questions. It's fun to know you better. I don't blame you for freaking out over roaches. They are disguisting. I've never seen one in person and I don't want to. Whenever I see them in a movie I cringe.

Olivia C. said...

Lucy~ You are so lucky that you haven't ever seen one in person!!!!! Thanks! :D