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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey ya'll. Just wanted to post about a new color I bought recently. :)
THis is N.Y.C.~ Midtown. It's a really pretty kinda sheer pink with a nice blue flash. I tried to capture that on the camera with that first picture... but it never seems to work. Oh well. :-/
I think I used two coats. You might need to use three. Wow... I can't remember much about this color. I like it though. Kind of a different pink. The $1.99 price tag on these is pretty good, too. So, if you don't really like the color you picked up, at least it wasn't as expensive as a bottle of OPI. :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed. :)


Mary said...

Pretty! I have quite a few from this collection, but I don't think I have this one. I really like these, they apply well for me and all for only $1.99 :)

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely pink! Perfect for summer. When I looked at all of these polishes at Target, I was amused by the fact they are named after parts of New York. However, I was rather disappointed to find that the color I liked the most was named Canal Street. Canal Street is the tackiest park of the whole city! It's an area where they have outdoor markets that sell a lot of knockoff designer clothing and bootleg DVDs. *LOL* I know the name shouldn't matter, but I couldn't help it!

Velvet said...

I love it! I also have this color,but have not worn it yet,*gasp*! Too many polishes and not enough! Thank you for the Lemonade Stand award,that's so sweet of you.

Lucy said...

I don't own any of this brand. Must be like the poorer cousin of Carolyn NY Polish. Her's are all NY places. Love the pink with the flash of blue. Looks lovely on you.

Olivia C. said...

Mary~ Thank you. :) They are good little polishes. :)

Deb~ LOL! :D

Velvet~ Hahaha! :)

Lucy~ Thanks. :)