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Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Collection

Hey ya'll. I wanted to do a post of all my nail polish... with the exception of one bottle of OPI I forgot to take a picture of. And, four mini bottles of OPI that I have. Anyway, this is a very picture heavy post. 

Tropez: Molten Gold and Shy.
Sinful Colors (Glitter Topcoats): Hottie, Green Ocean, Pearl Harbor, Pink 4Ever, UFO
Sinful Colors: Irish Green, Show Me The Way, Gorgeous, Daddy's Girl, Cabana
Sinful Colors: Sugar Sugar, Cloud 9, Subdued, Dozen Roses, Flirting Nails, Purple Diamond
L'Oreal: I Pink I Love You, Chicklette, Mango-Get-Em, B. Sweet
Del Sol: Peek-A-Boo, Reckless, Looking Glass
CQ: Island Smoothie and Pure Pearl
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Fuchsia Power, Strawberry Icing, Gunmetal, Lime Lights, Mellow Yellow
Random Sally Hansen's: No Name and Almond Essence
Random Sally Hansen's: Flash and Platinum
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth: Beautiful Berry, Tender Mulberry, Calming Cocoa
Sally Hansen Salon: Haute Chocolate, Hollywood Scarlet, Pardon My French
Pure Ice: Pink Ice and A List
N.Y.C.: Park Avenue, Bryant Park, West Village, Chinatown, Midtown
N.Y.C. Nail Glossies: 231 and 219
N.Y.C.: Skin Tight Denim Crème, Taxi Yellow Crème, 108A, 211A
Covergirl: Bronze Beauty, Blue You, Violet Vision
Maybelline: Cocoa Motion, Fuchsia Flash, Sunset Prisms
Maybelline: Go Go Green, Aqua Electric, Lasting Lilac
Random Maybelline's: Rhinestone Pink, Rosy Giggles, Five Pocket
Rimmel: Alaska, Azteque, Powerhouse, Razz
Rimmel: Nightlife, Camouflage
Essie: Need A Vacation, Rock Star Skinny, Watermelon
Essie: Shelter Island and Sag Harbor
China Glaze: Avalanche, Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), Solar Power
China Glaze: Fairy Dust, For Audrey, Watermelon Rind
Orly: Charged Up, Sky Blue Pink, Terra Mauve
Orly: Rose Colored Glasses, Prince Charming, Life's A Peach
Orly: Beverly Hills Plum, Silk Stockings, Love Eachother
Wet n' Wild: Dreamy Poppy, Eggplant Frost, Frosted Fuchsia (even tho this picture doesn't actually show it's real color)
Wet n' Wild: Bijou Blue, Lavender Pearlescent, Kaleidoscope 
Wet n' Wild: (sorry for the messed up picture :-/) French White Crème, Caribbean Frost, Blazed

Wet n' Wild: Mauve Frost, Burgundy Frost, Black
Wet n' Wild Mega Last: True Love, Broken Hearted, Crazed
Older Wet n' Wild: Cool Blue Blast
L.A. Colors/Girl: Current, Static Electricity, Head Banging
Brucci: Violet Rage and Mud Pie
Color Club: Blue Light, Amp'd Up
Finger Paints: Art District Delight and Putty In My Hands
Petites: Comet, Pink Crush, Bronze Baby
Sally Girl: Mellow, Periwinkle, Pea Body 
Sally Girl: Surfs Up, Dumped, Mean Streak
Sally Girl: In The Pink, Type A
Nat Robbins: Sea Shell. Gap: No Name. Naturistics: Spotlight Pearl
Covergirl: Citrus Punch. Hot Topic: No Name. Revlon: Steel-Her Heart
NYX: Ocean. Milani: Pink Pop. Jessica: Juicy.
OPI: Chicago Champagne Toast, Dusk Over Cairo, Chick Flick Cherry
OPI: Parlezvous OPI?, My Chihuahua Bites!, Hey! Get in Lime!
OPI: Siberian Nights, Baby, it's "Coal" Outside, Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI: Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow and Green-wich Village
Nicole by OPI: Positive Energy and Love Your Life

So what would ya'll like to see me swatch next? Let me know in the comments! :)

BTW~ I am sorry I haven't been commenting much on ya'll's blogs. I am really busy with the next school year coming up. I only have about two weeks left of the summer. :(

Talk to ya'll later. :)


Kae said...

Oooh I love seeing collection posts! You have so many I haven't even seen before ^^;

Seeing all your yummy sinful colors makes me want to go to walgreens oh the pain!

Velvet said...

I'm curious about the gap polish. I'd like to see that one. I didn't even know that Gap produced any polishes. Even if they were only limited editions. I'm still surprised! Don't worry about the comments. Every one seems to be trying to enjoy whats left of summer. Vactions or just hanging at home, before the ole school grind kicks back!

nail polish junkie said...

nice collection hun :)

Deb said...

You have an awesome variety of colors! I just got Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow on Monday. I can't wait to wear it.

clockwork said...

Nice collection, always fun to see everything when it is together!

Danielle said...

Lordy! That's a collection. I can't believe how little we have here in the West. So many brands in your collection I have never heard of! Correct me if I am wrong Aussies, but I only have seen cover girl nail slicks in those bottles very recently. Wow, with a capital W :)

alexas said...

wow, you have so much! I`m a nail polish junkie in the making, lol. I just started my own nail blog too!
I hope one day I will have as much as you:) reading all these blogs is so inspiring! I hope you check out mine sometime! thank you, keep up the great work!

Olivia C. said...

Kae~ Hahaha I do, too. My Walgreens had a buy one get one free on Sinful Colors, so that means two more bottles have been added to my collection. :)

Velvet~ That polish is so old! lol! I'll try and swatch it for you. :)

Nail Polish Junkie~ Thanks. :)

Deb~ Thanks. :) Can't wait to see that color on you! :)

Clockwork~ Yeah, it is! :) Thanks. :)

Danielle~ Thanks! :) Ya'll have some pretty cool polishes, too. But it would be nice if we could all have access to most of the same polishes.

Alexas~ Well hey there! I am following your blog, now. :)