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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wet n' Wild Craze Polishes, Sinful Colors

Hey ya'll! I just got the new Wet n' Wild Craze polishes, and two new bottles of Sinful Colors. :)

Nocturnal (3 coats)
Glitz (3 coats)
Morbid (3 coats)
Jade (3 coats)
Lust (3 coats)
Inferno (3 coats)
Goldmine (3 coats)
Shield (3 coats)
Rustic (3 coats)

Sinful Colors San Francisco (green, 3 coats) topped with Paris (gold glitter, 3 coats)

Sorry for my cuticles. They look awful, especially my thumbs. I have a nervous habit of pushing them back and then picking at them... so they don't look so hot right now. :-/ Anyway, these little Craze polishes are AWESOME! I love how the bottle looks, and the application was almost flawless. The Sinful Colors were great, as usual. :)

Talk to ya'll later. :)


Mary said...

I just got the Crazes too! So happy you found them also and they look beautiful. Those Sinful's are definitely something I need to look for. I love to gold over the green.

Nicole said...

Oh great, so glad you found them! Apparently they're starting to show up for more and more people. I'm so glad you like them. They look great on you. Sinful Colors is supposed to be putting out some new colors for fall, I can't wait to see a display of those! It's a great brand.

Nosaby said...

Well there's hope! You're in Jacksonville and I'm in the Space Coast, so maybe they're making their way here. They look great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for swatching these. I happen to like the looks of Morbid and Shield.

Anonymous said...

Morbid is a really nice green :P
i love the patteren on the lids aswell

Olivia C. said...

Mary~ Awesome! Can't wait to see the colors on you! :) Thanks. :)

Nicole~ Thanks! :) AWESOME! New Sinfuls!! WHOO!! :)

Nosaby~ Hahaha. Yeah, there's hope! It seems like it took forever for them to get to Jacksonville. But, I finally found them at my closest Walgreens. :)

Deb~ Those two are awesome and would look great on you. :)

Nail Polish Junkie~ Thanks. :)

Lucy said...

I'm so glad I got this collection over the weekend. They are so pretty on you. I also have 4 new Sinful Colors. I love their glitters.

Olivia C. said...

Lucy~ Awesome! I wish I could see what they looked like on you!!!!

Park Avenue said...

I loooove WetnWild polish. They're so affordable & hold up well, too.

I just bought: Rustic, Lust, Inferno, Morbid & Goldmine.

Stephanie Zheng said...

My favorite color would have to be Morbid. Love, love love!

Olivia C. said...

Park Avenue~ Awesome :) Hope you like them! :)

Stephanie Zheng~ Yeah, that one rocks! :)

PrincessDiana said...

I bought Morbid last week, but I haven't worn it yet. I like Shield, I think I should go buy that one too :)

Olivia C. said...

Princess Diana~ Awesome! They are all great colors. :)