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Friday, July 30, 2010


I picked this bottle up when I got my two bottles of 10 polish. :) I got this one because I felt like getting a polish that was light, and I don't know, not so out-there. I could use a few more colors like that. ;)
This color is really pretty, though. And pretty sparkly, too. :)

I would say the color is a mix between a really light tan, and a really light pink. It kind of flashes pink in the sun, but I didn't capture that very well in the pictures. I used three coats because it is pretty sheer. It's supposed to be sheer though, so some of ya'll might like it better at two coats. I had no problems with application. As I remember, this cost $1.99 and you can find these at CVS. That's a great price for this polish. I will definitely be getting more of these. :)

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