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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Haul?!

Yep! I'm at it again, buying nail polish like it's going outta style. Seriously, a new bottle(s) of nail polish is one of the best things. :)
I was really on a mission to find those nail polish wheels today. I never really intended to go polish shopping. But that's what ended up happening. To find those nail wheels, I went to Sally's. You know, that place that has the displays of China Glaze, Orly, Finger Paints, and Nina polishes? The place where it's almost impossible to walk out *without* a polish? Yeah. So nothing caught my attention except Tangerine Dream by Nina Ultra Pro. I don't have any Nina's in my collection, so this is a nice addition to my polish "family."
After leaving Sally's, I was going through all these places in my head. Where can I go for more polish? One bottle just wasn't quite cutting it for me today. My next stop was Walgreens. I got Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barricuda. I saw this lovely color on Kellie's blog! After seeing it I knew I had to have it, and $7.99 wasn't gonna stop me. :)
Next was Rite-Aid. They have so many different displays of polishes. And even some brands that I didn't recognize, like a color changing thing? But what they did have was the Revlon "Just Tinted" polishes. No other store had those on display. I just got one - Victorian. I love the formula! I know I'm gonna get good use out of it. I also got a little Petites polish - Mango. I needed a bright orange. The bottle picture I have for this one isn't really color-accurate. It's a lot brighter and looks more orange than red. I love it! I found an Orly the other day that was similar to this orange, but I never got it. $1.99 is a better price anyway. :)

And my last stop was Target. I still have lots of gift cards so that's what I used for these two new Sally Hansen Insta Dri's - Sonic Bloom and Fuchsia Flare. I like my other Insta Dri's, so I thought this was a good addition. I tried them out and they are super pigmented- yay! :)
Swatching/Testing/Painting/etc. starts tomorrow! What do y'all want to see?! I'm really excited to try out all my haul polishes. :)


d'Olivia said...

I've been wanting the Barracuda, but the stores I've visited have been out of that color. I look forward to the swatches!

Olivia C. said...

d'Olivia- It's such a pretty color- I think I'll swatch it first. :)