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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bubble Bath

I have a really pretty, light pink for y'all today. OPI- Bubble Bath.

For this shade, I used three coats and skipped out on a top coat. There is visible nail line... but I really don't mind that. It's one of those polishes that you don't have to make perfectly opaque. I really like it with three coats. The formula is really good, like all OPI's. I got my bottle at Target for about $8. I love wearing this! :)

What do y'all think? Thank you for reading!


thenailaholic said...

I would like this so much if it weren't so sheer.

Audrey L said...

This would look so pretty as a french manicure polish! Such a pretty pale colour :) Also thanks for the follow, loving the floral print background here!

Hermione said...

I really need to see a live swatch. It's a pretty work-safe color but I never said I was safe!

Olivia C. said...

thenailaholic- Yeah. Sheers aren't for everyone! I like it, though. :)

Audrey L.- Yes! Perfect for French manicures! And you're welcome- I love your blog!

Hermione- Hahaha, it is pretty safe.