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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet This Blogger

When I started this blog, I was just beginning my love of nail polish and I needed a place to document all the craziness. But with people who liked the same things. And I'm so happy I made this blog. I have so much fun posting and doing my nails and I absolutely love sharing it with y'all. However, I've changed a lot since I began this blog. One thing that has remained the same is my obsession with all things nail related. So I thought I should just introduce myself to y'all a little more formally. :)

So hey! Those of y'all who have read my blog since the beginning know a little about me, but here it goes anyway!

* First of all, I was born in Arkansas and raised just across the river in Tennessee. Because of my roots I'm a die hard Arkansas Razorbacks fan... for life! I have always fully intended on attending the University of Arkansas, but we'll see!

*I'm pretty into all the girly stuff, but I love college and pro football! My Dad and I have always watched it together and I absolutely love it.

*I lived in Nashville for one year and didn't really enjoy it when I lived there. I regret that terribly because now I love that city! I was too young to appreciate it, but I do now!

*After Nashville, my family was relocated to Jacksonville, FL. We lived there for three years and it was the best three years of my life. I had more fun than I can put into words! I love the beach and we were so close it kills me to think about it now. Ahh I miss the beach. :(

*We moved back to Tennessee, and that's where I am now! I've always lived in the South and I love everything about it. A.S.A.P. As Southern as Possible! ;) I love spending time out on my great-grandparents farm, so I'm definitely into the country life.

*I love to get dressed up and play with my make up and look good, but to me, there's not a whole lot better than a pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt.

*I love to go fishing, especially with my Dad. I'm looking forward to getting my fishing license soon. I'm a big fan of Guy Harvey, and that intertwines two of my favorite things: fishing & t-shirts. :)

*Even though I miss FL and will complain about Tennessee, I really love going downtown. Especially to see my godmother. And she has a really great blog that you can check out here if you're interested in what goes on in downtown Memphis.

*I just graduated high school in May. Class of 2011! :)

*I love animals! And my family has helped a lot of lost dogs over the years. We also had the best dog, Barney, who lived to be 19. He was there from the day I was born. He will always be the best dog. :) And y'all can see Darla up at the top of my page. She's our rescue pup. :)

*I love sweet tea! And I'm a big fan of the $1 McDonald's large sweet tea. ;)

*I'm currently going through a phase where I want to try every mascara on the market. I love Maybelline's mascaras. They work really well for me. I also love make up. I love trying out fun eye shadows and I'm not afraid to try something really bright or something that stands out. Hey, I'm young! :)

*I loooove music. I love every type, but I will forever love country music. So that's first on my list. My current play list consists of: Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and my all time favorite band (that's not country) Third Eye Blind. I do love every genre and my ipod is loaded with bands/artists that are totally different from one another. Maybe that's weird?

*I love to shop. Some of my favorite stores are: American Eagle, Ulta, Target, Old Navy, and College Station.

*I love to drive! And I really like driving my great-grandad's truck.

*I've had some really stupid boyfriends who needed to grow up desperately! For now, I'm loving being single! I've learned a lot from my relationships.

*I love doing my nails and other people's nails. I think y'all probably knew that, but I just thought I'd include it! :)

If y'all have stuck with me this long, thanks for reading and hopefully learning a little more about me! And thank you for sticking with this blog as long as y'all have- it means a lot! :) Nail posts resume tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Good post! Will you be posting about masacara and other makeup as well as nail polish? I need a mascara tutorial badly. Thanks for mentioning me, I blushed!

Olivia C. said...

Michelle- I think I might throw in a little make up! That would be fun. :) And you're welcome!

Kay said...

It was really nice to read about you. I was born in Jacksonville, FL but moved before I turned 2, so I have no memories of it. But I often wonder what life is like there.

I L O V E McDonald's sweet tea. One day, we stopped on the other side of town for it, and they didn't carry it. Can you imagine? I waited until we got closer to home to get my fix.

Wonderful post by the way! Congratulations on your graduation!

Olivia C. said...

Jacksonville is amazing. Salt life!
A McDonald's that doesn't have sweet tea??!! That's just wrong!
Thank you! :)