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Monday, June 13, 2011

Questions? I'll Answer!

Hey y'all!
My sister and I have been thinking about ways to spice up this little blog I've got going, and she had a really neat idea! So I think I'm going to try it and see how it goes. If y'all have any questions about me, anything from nail polish and make up to the most random things you can think of, leave me a question in the comments and I'll answer it in a video-blog thing. :) I think this will be a lotta fun and another way for y'all to get to know me better. Oh! And my sister will "guest-star" in the video. Fun, right? I hope so! So ask away! :) And for now I will leave you with a picture of my sister and me. Nail pics will be on schedule for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just came across your blog and it looks interesting so I'm following it now. My name is Stephanie and I'm 16. Haha I'm not southern but it's cool that you are. I live up in Chicago so I'm Midwestern. Anyway, I love nailpolish too! OPI is my favorite and Essie, too. And you have great music taste!
So for me to get to know you better? Here's a question: Who is your all-time favorite musician and why and what are you favorite songs by them? :)

Okay! And check out my blog, too. It's


Michelle said...

I like this idea. Here is my random question :

If you were granted three wishes what would they be and why?

Fairy Godmother

Kay said...

Well, aren't you two just the cutest!

Some questions:
How far have you traveled? How far would you travel, if you had to go alone? Can you drive a stick-shift? What's your favorite dinner? Dessert? TV show? Book?
How many bottles of polish do you own and how do you store them? What would you like to learn to do next?

Hope your day's going good!