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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Look at My Collection: Reds

Today I wanted to show y'all my collection of reds. I've said before that I don't have that many reds, and I find that weird because it's my favorite color. Right now I have 13 in my collection. Not even enough to fill up a whole nail wheel! But that's okay. I like the reds I have and I know I'm going to wear them a lot this fall. :)

1. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Red Carpet
2. Chi: He's Chi-ting On Me
3. Sinful Colors: Sugar Sugar

4. Savvy by Femme Couture: Shimmer Time
5. Borghese: Venetian Red
6. Wet n Wild: Burgundy Frost

7. Essie: Rock Star Skinny
8. NYC: 211 A
9. Ulta: Steppin Out

10. OPI: Chick Flick Cherry
11. Sally Hansen Salon: Hollywood Scarlet

12. Wet n Wild: Red Red
13. Wet n Wild: Crazed

So that's my collection! Like I said, red is my favorite color and I really like to wear it on my nails. But, I'm not a big fan of the staining that reds *always* leave behind. It feels like no matter what you do, or how careful you are... you will still get horrible stains. Do any of y'all have any tips or tricks for removing red polish? Do y'all like to wear red? What's your favorite color to wear on your nails?

Thanks for reading! :)


thenailaholic said...

Ya know, I don't really like red. At all. On anything. It's just a color that's always really turned me off. Your handwriting is super cute btw :)

Emily said...

I love wearing red! It's a super classy color and makes your hands look so professional!

Kay said...

I love red! I don't have a favorite color to wear on my nails. But I do love red. :D

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

I do love red! Only because I grew up wearing it! When I was a recreation cheerleader from like 4-11 we wore red uniforms. Then middle school 5th-8th grade the school's uniform shirts were red. And now my highschool years, 9th-12th, our colors are red, black, and white. So i'm kind of stuck sporting red! I am suggesting that you add Ruby Pumps by China Glaze to your collection of reds. It is gorgeous and one of my favorites! :)

BeautyBehaved said...

very nice collection of reds(:

<3 BB

Pinkbeauty_love said...

Hey girly girl I am a new blog follower I must say I enjoyed reading this post!I am not really a red nail polish kind of girl hahaha my favorite color 2 wear is PINK

Marina said...

Red is usually my favorite color but I don't own any red nail polish.. I have to change that..

Olivia C. said...

thenailaholic- I'm sorry you don't like reds! But that just means you can buy more of some other color. And thanks! :)

Emily- Yes! I totally agree!

Kay- Red just looks good! :) I like to wear all colors, so I guess I don't really have a favorite color to wear, either.

Eat.Sleep.Polish- Nice! I love red, too. The Razorbacks team color is red, and I've been a fan all my life, so that's partially why I love red. I think I need that China Glaze! I've seen it and I LOVE it. I've just never seen it at Sally's or Ulta. Is it still available?

BeautyBehaved- Thank you! :)

Pinkbeauty_love- Thanks! I love to wear pink, too. Thanks for following- I'm following you, too!

Marina- You do need to change that! :)

Nail Nerd said...

oooooo pretty reds! Even your handwriting is nice :) I always go for the purples, it's hard to find one I don't like

Olivia C. said...

Nail Nerd- Thank you! I love purples too, especially in the fall! :)

bruval64 said...

Nice collection. i too love love love reds. POWER color. Love your blogs.


Olivia C. said...

bruval64- Thank you! Thank you! Reds are definitely a power color. And they just look classy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

sahar awan said...

wao you have stunning red collection...

follow back it means alot to me

Olivia C. said...

sahar awan- Thanks!