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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pixel: Spicy Little Thang & A Semi-Successful Water Marble!

Sorry it took me so long to swatch this Pixel polish! Here's Spicy Little Thang.

Don't y'all just love that name? I think it's cute. Let me start by saying that I'm glad I only paid $1.99 for this polish. That's about all it's worth. Although I really love the color and it was a two coater! But goodness. I first had problems when I opened the bottle and there was a bristle significantly longer than the others hanging from the brush. That was easily fixed because I just pulled it and the whole thing came out. At least I was able to get rid of that. But the brush did give me problems. All the bristles were a little different in length, and that made it hard to get an even amount of polish near my cuticles. Needless to say, I had a hard time applying it. But I love that bright pink/coral and I can see myself wearing this since I'm all about coral in the summer. The bottle's tiny but kinda cute, and the name is cute, too. So there are some good things about this polish. :)

And now for my semi-successful water marble! I so admire people who can water marble and have it actually turn out looking flawless. I really do. And I wish I was as good. Yesterday I decided to try water marbling. I've tried once before but it was just a hot mess. I quit after that. And that was about a year ago. So last night I tried again. Unsuccessful. But I didn't wanna quit altogether. So I tried again today and finally got the hang of it! I was/am so excited! My pinky turned out the best so that's what I'm going to show y'all.
I used a white base, Wet n Wild French White Creme, the pink was Sonia Kashuk Tutti Frutti and the blue was Sonia Kashuk Ocean Breeze. The Sonia Kashuk polishes work really well together, and I've always thought that. Probably because I bought them at the same time. But anyway, I just think this turned out awesome! I was so happy. I showed everyone. :)

What do y'all think of the Pixel polish? Has anyone heard of that brand? Does anyone else have Pixel polishes? What do you think of my water marble? Let me know!

Thanks for reading. :)


Kay said...

Your water marbling turned out great! I'm not brave enough yet to try it. I haven't heard of Pixel polish. It's a pretty color though. Maybe you can decant it into another bottle with a better brush?

I really like the combo of the SK polishes.

Great job!

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

That color by Pixel Polish is really pretty! It's ashame that it was so difficult to apply! And your water marbling turned out great! I like the colors you picked to go together! I've tried water marbling a couple times but I don't have the patience for all the taping and clean up. Haha. But I may try it again in the future!

Lauren said...

great water marble, good thing you didn't give up!! now you just need to teach me! lol

that really sucks that your pixel polish didn't work out great for you..because you said that about your brush i just looked at mine and it looks pretty perfect so maybe your brush was just a freak accident?

thenailaholic said...

Great job! I'm still afraid to try it! lol

Audrey L said...

Never heard of pixel before but this is a beautiful coral colour, in a red mood myself:) I struggle with water marbling, so hard but sometimes it works... Great job on the pinkie:)

Olivia C. said...

Kay- Thank you! I really don't know what got into me to try water marbling again, but I'm glad I did it! I still have some improving to do, but I'm just excited to know I can do it. I don't know that I have any empty bottles to put that in, but that's a great idea. Thanks! :)

Eat.Sleep.Polish.- Thank you! It definitely takes some patience. I can only do it when I know I have the time to work with it, and when I make peace with the fact that it might not turn out right. Any other time, I'd just be a mess. haha. :)

Lauren- It's so fun when you get how to do it! Definitely needs patience though! I hope mine was just an accident! Because the formula was kinda awesome. What color do you have?

thenailaholic- Thanks! Yeah, I know how you feel. I was afraid to do it. But that's about as far as I can go for nail art... if that counts!

Audrey L.- Isn't it? I think it's beautiful! The only two fingers that ended up looking good were my pinky and thumb... so it can be hard!

Nail Nerd said...

Oooo you did a really good job! I'm so intimidated by it after a couple of attempts just went all sorts of wrong. The color combo you picked is brilliant!

Olivia C. said...

Nail Nerd- Thank you! It is really messy, especially if you get careless. I'm gonna keep trying! :)

Chelle said...

Great job on the water marble! I have wanted to try it for months, but I'm too intimidated.

Olivia C. said...

Chelle- Thanks! It's worth a try- but it's messy and takes a few times to get the hang of it! I'm sure you'll love it though! Let me know if you try it out! :)

Voe said...

That looks amazing! You have a wonderful blog and you're very pretty!!

All the best,

Olivia C. said...

Voe- Thank you! :)