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Monday, July 11, 2011


Here's my second vlog!

Thanks for watching! :)

P.S. That sound you hear in the background is the lovely frog that has chosen our backyard and pond as his new residence. I know it's annoying, I fall asleep to it every night. It's great.
Also I said something about a haul video...? Huh? I meant haul post. Sorry! :)


Audrey L said...

Wow oh wow that maybelline is beautifullll! Really pinky and goldy, I hope I can get that here:) Also ocean in a bottle polish opi, so pretty *_*

Never thought of getting a nail dryer, but that one you're using seems like a good thing.

Nice summer polish choices :)

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

Loved your summer picks! & the Maybelline one you showed looks almost like what I have on my nails right now (which is what i'll be posting a little later today). Also! I'm glad someone else feels the same way as me about a topcoat, haha! Because the more I read everyone's blogs the more I think the top coat i'm using is bad or something-but it's not! There's nothing wrong with it :)

Enjoyed watching!

Emily said...

Yayy awesome video! You showed some pretty polishes I haven't seen yet.

Lauren said...

I'm just in love with your vlogs...Your southern accent is TO DIE FOR, I want it so bad lol.

for another vlog idea maybe just video tape you doing a manicure? everything from pushing/cutting your cuticles, letting us know what products you use for nail care, to the top coat. I think its so fun to see other peoples techniques of nail painting for some reason haha.

or maybe show us your organizational methods/draws etc?

thenailaholic said...

I love almost all of those... I so with I could get del sol here!

Kay said...

Yay! I finally got to watch this. I liked all the colors you picked. Here I am again going, Urban Outfitters has nail polish? LOL You continually surprise me on where to find polish. Thanks for sharing. Keep the vlogs coming!

Olivia C. said...

Audrey L.- Thanks! I hope you can find it. It's really pretty and really fun to wear, especially when you step out into the sunshine. It's beautiful! The drying drops are awesome, I highly suggest them!

Eat. Sleep.Polish- I used to feel like I needed a Seche Vite and a Poshe top coat because that's what all the other bloggers used, but really I don't think it matters much! I think whatever works for you is fine. And Sunset Prisms does look a lot like the polish you posted- so pretty!

Emily- Thank you!

Lauren- Haha you're so sweet! Thank you! Those are great ideas- I'm definitely going to do that. I have fun watching other people do their manicures. It's always interesting to see how other people do it.

thenailaholic- I was able to get Del Sol polishes because my ex bf's mom loved nail polish, too and she had gotten them on a cruise. But! You can order them online and I think they're about $10 each.

Kay- Thanks! Check out UO- you'll love the polishes!