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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vlog 4

Here's my fourth vlog on how I do my manicures. I hope you enjoy watching it!
I picked the winner of my giveaway this morning via, and the winner is imfeelingnailventurous! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I will definitely be hosting more giveaways, so stick around!

Thank you for reading and watching! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome video! I like these videos you always have on your site!!! Thanks again for selecting me as your GIVEAWAY winner!!! yaya... I can't wait to get my goodies so I can BLOG about them AND your site!!!!

thenailaholic said...

Congrats girly!

Great video! It's funny you mentioned the frog... I thought that was here!

Lauren said...

I'm loving that yellow and the drying drops, I need to get my hands on those! We use the same base coat and nail file, how cute! haahhaa

Kay said...

Great demo! Love the frog. ;p

Thanks for sharing!

Audrey L said...

Thats a frog?! Wow...dont think i've ever even heard a frog lol :P Congrats congrats imfeelingnail-venturous!! Enjoy the prize girly!

Really enjoyed the video, didnt know about the putting cuticle oil behind nails, will definitely do that from now on:) The yellow I think looks super pretty on you! From what I can see it seems pretty opaque :)

A post idea could be where and how do you store your polish?

Olivia C. said...

imfeelingnailventurous- Thank you! I will be sending your package out tomorrow! Thanks for watching and reading! :)

thenailaholic- Thank you! And hahaha... you're lucky you don't have that annoying frog in your backyard! ;)

Lauren- Definitely get some drying drops! You'll love them! And aww! Cute! :)

Kay- Thank you! :)

Audrey L.- You're so lucky... that frog is so freakin annoying. Every night he starts making that noise. For a while we all thought he was gone for good, but no. He's back. Lovely.
Thank you! You should put the cuticle oil under your nails because that part can get really dry. It works well for me. That's a great idea... going to see if I can somehow work that out! :)