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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Look at My Collection: Glitters

Time to look at all the glitters in my collection! Numbers 14 through 18 were just some experiments I was doing. Some of these glitters are kind of blahhh on their own, so I wanted to see what they looked like over black.

1. Sinful Colors: Pink 4 Ever
2. Sinful Colors: Pearl Harbor

3. Sinful Colors: Paris
4. Sinful Colors: Green Ocean

5. Sinful Colors: Hottie
6. Sinful Colors: UFO

7. Orly: Love Each Other
8. China Glaze: Fairy Dust

9. Nicole by OPI: Love Your Life
10. Claire's: Crush

11. Wet n Wild: Glitz
12. Wet n Wild: Kaleidoscope

13. Ulta: Pinata Yada Yada
14. Wet n Wild: Black + Orly: Love Each Other
And a close up of number 14. Love Each Other is such a unique polish. It's nothing on it's own, but put it over black and it's a whole new color. I love it!

15. Wet n Wild: Black + China Glaze: Fairy Dust
16. Wet n Wild: Black + Claire's: Crush

17. Wet n Wild: Black + Wet n Wild: Kaleidoscope
18. Wet n Wild: Black + Sinful Colors: Green Ocean
And my nails of today! I'm wearing Sally Hansen Insta Dri Fuchsia Flare.

Sinful Colors has some awesome glitters if y'all ever get the chance to check those out. And they're only $1.99, so they're a great inexpensive option! I think my favorite glitters are Pinata Yada Yada, Glitz, and Green Ocean. But I like all of them. They're a lot of fun to wear, and as y'all can probably tell... I've used up a lot of them. For a while I was all about adding glitter to every single mani. I'm not as into that as I used to be, but I'm starting to like the glitter accent nail. But that's *such* a pain to remove. Oh well! What are y'all's favorites?

Thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice glitter collection. Some of the photos didn't show for me. =(

Emily said...

Glitter accent nails are my current obsession lol. What I like to do is put glitter on my thumb + index finger- it gives it a more fun, quirky look. I loooove China Glaze White Cap (maybe more of a shimmer, but it's amazing regardless) and Claire's Bedazzled. Such a fun polish- the glitter is awesome!!

Audrey L said...

I love this glitter collection, so many pretty glittery polishes! I love these posts nice to get a look into your different colours. I think my favorite would be the ulta colour and the nicole by opi one:) super pretty!

Kay said...

Very nice collection! I am going to look for Sinful Colors Paris. I don't have a glitter that color.

Thanks for showing us your collection!

BeautyBehaved said...

Sinfulcolors does have some great glitters!
i own quite a few & i love them as well(:

<3 BB

bruval64 (RoseAnn) said...

Lovely, a girl can never have too much sparkle lol!


Nail Nerd said...

Must. Get. Pinata Yada Yada. Isn't it weird how glitter totally takes over your collection? I love it, and don't mind using it, but definitely went through a "must have everything that sparkles!" kick and now have more glitter than I know what to do with.

KarenD said...

Yay, glitter! You've got some nice ones! I like the idea of swatching them over black--I might have to do some wheels that way.

Olivia C. said...

imfeelingnail-venturous- Thank you! I'm sorry some of the pictures didn't show up for you, that's weird.

Emily- Nice! I wish I had White Cap, because I've seen it on your blog and it is gorgeous! It makes the manicure so much prettier!

Audrey L.- Thank you! Yes those are some of my favorites, too. :)

Kay- You're welcome! I'm glad you found a polish you need in your collection!

BeautyBehaved- Sinful Colors is my favorite brand for some good glitters, they're so fun!

bruval64- So true!

Nail Nerd- Go get it! Ulta is redesigning their bottles, so I don't know if that means the current colors will be discontinued! But you might want to get it soon! It's a must have in my opinion. :)

KarenD- Thank you! Swatching glitters over black is a lot of fun, the combos you can come up with are so cool. :)