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Thursday, September 1, 2011

butter London: Jaffa & Vlog 14!

Hey y'all! I'm so glad it's Thursday... or Thursday night. I don't have classes Friday, and I am beyond grateful for that! I also can't believe it's September. Time is seriously flying by.
So the summer is almost over. When college football starts, my Fall starts. Because of that, I'm trying to show y'all all the summer polishes I've got saved up on my computer. I have a lot. And I'll probably have more even when it's fall & winter. Just lettin y'all know. Today I wanted to show y'all butter London Jaffa! It's a gorgeous coral polish that I rocked this spring and summer. I am now butter London's #1 fan! I need to get my butt back up to Ulta to pick up some more of these polishes. Take a look at the pics!

3 coats for coral-y goodness! I know for a fact that this can look amazing at two coats, because I took this to a nail salon to get my nails done, and the manicurist only used two coats. And it looked great! So why I needed three coats, I really don't know. So what do y'all think of the color and butter London? Have you picked up any BL polishes? If so, which ones and how many do you have?
And here's my 14th vlog!

I just want to say thank you again to all my amazing followers/readers. I am so grateful for all of you. Y'all make my day brighter every day!
Thanks for reading & watching! :)


thenailaholic said...

I just got my first Butter LONDON polishes today. I wish I had gotten this one instead! Gorgeous! Haven't been seeing you around much, miss you! :)

Kay said...

You're so cute! Just had to say that. :-)

I was reading today in the Ulta catalog that comes to my house. If you can wait until 9/20, the butter Londons will be Buy one get one FREE (!)!)!)

How cool is that. I might just break open my piggy bank and get a couple.

Have fun this weekend at the game with your dad!

Nail Nerd said...

looooooove butter polishes -- and this coral is to die for, super great way to slide from summer to fall!

Sandra said...

Loving the color!

Veronica said...

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! I don't have any butter London polishes, but I'm lemming two; All Hail the Queen & West End Wonderland!

KarenD said...

Great summer color! I'm hoping to pick up Wallis soon to add to my BL stash.

Anonymous said...

I like this polish color. I don't own any of this brand though.

♥beauxs mom said...

I haven't got no butter londons yet :-( but if I get any money for my bday from fam I plan on getting no more waity Katie, an wallis! So hope I get some, this color is beautiful I adore corals!

BeautyBehaved said...

such a perfect coral!
i think it can deff transfer to fall as well!
love your vlogs(:

<3 BB

Olivia C. said...

thenailaholic- Yay! butter London is AMAZING! Which colors did you get?? Miss you too! Thanks for stopping by & commenting. :)

Kay- Aww! Thank you! Ahh! Thank you for telling me that! And I have my $3.50 off coupon... so damage will be done! :)

Nail Nerd- Thanks! Totally agree. :)

Sandra- Thanks! :)

Veronica- Thank you! I hope you get the ones you're lemming! I really REALLY want Wallis! It's gorgeous. :)

KarenD- Thanks! That's the one I want! I wanted it the second I saw it. I hope you get it! :)

imfeelingnail-venturous- Thank you! You need to get some! :)

beauxs mom- Thanks! I hope you get some! Wallis is the one I NEED, so definitely pick that one up! :)

BeautyBehaved- Thank you! I think it can transfer, too. It's kind of red, so it should work! :)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I love this color! I don't own any butter londons so I'm definitely going to take advantage of that sale.

Your video logs are so cute. I keep telling myself I should do some video logs because I have a huge fear of hearing/seeing myself on video haha. Maybe that will help me overcome it! :P

Olivia C. said...

Emily- Yes! Definitely pick some up! They have a great formula, and the colors are pretty good, too.
Thank you! You should definitely do some vlogs! I had that fear, too. But you kinda get over it when you're talking about stuff you enjoy. It'll be a lotta fun! I hope you'll do some! :)

Belle Armed said...

love the color! amazing nails.

Olivia C. said...

Belle Armed- Thanks! :)

OliviasNailArt said...

I just watched the video. You said you got your wet n wild fast dry nail polish at rite aid for $1.99.. I don't know if you ended up liking it or not, but walgreens has those nail polishes on sale for .99 cents until september 28th I believe =] just thought I'd let ya know =]

Olivia C. said...

OliviasNailArt- THANK YOU!!! I need to go check those out! I think I'll do that tomorrow after school! :)

OliviasNailArt said...

You're welcome =]