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Monday, September 26, 2011

Chi: Behind Closed Doors

Hey y'all! I'm bummed that it's already Monday. I always feel like I just won't be able to make it through another week of classes, but I always do! And once I'm back in school everything just starts rolling again and it's all okay. But I hate Mondays anyway.
So today I wanted to show you a Chi polish that I got on clearance from Ulta a while back. It's the perfect dark purple for fall. I really like to wear purples like this during this time of the year. They just look so good. Take a look!

I only needed two coats for this one. It goes on perfectly! The only complaint I have is that the brush is really, super skinny. It takes a lot of re-dipping in the polish, sometimes more than twice for just one nail. But that really doesn't bother me, because the color completely makes up for it, and the formula is top notch. You can find Chi nail polish at Ulta, and they're around $8-9. It's a little pricy, but, in my humble opinion, pretty worth it for what you're getting. I only have two bottles of Chi. One I got for Christmas a few years ago, so I didn't pay for that. And then this one which was on clearance for about $3. So I've never paid full price for a bottle. But I have seen some pretty awesome colors, so I wouldn't mind getting more.
What do y'all think of Behind Closed Doors? Is this your idea of a fall polish? If not, what do you like for fall? Have any of y'all tried Chi polishes? If so, what do y'all think of them? Let me know!
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Sandra said...

It's amazing! I totally love this color. I have a similar one and it's one of my favorites, especially on my toes. :D

All The Pretty Polish said...

I love this color! It looks so pretty on you! :) I def think it's a fall polish. I may pick this up the next time I'm at Ulta :) thanks for swatching! :)

Nail Art Epicness said...

I really love that color!!

Kay said...

Holy Cow this is Gorgeous!

KarenD said...

Very pretty! I've gotten a few Chi, but not this one.

♥beauxs mom said...

I think its a perfect color for fall, it's really pretty I haven't tried any chi polish yet.

Nail Designs xox said...

This color is very pretty! Now that I read your review on it, I think I may buy my first CHI polish!

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

This is gorgeous!

Lydz said...

Nice color! I know exactly what you mean about school. I was just thinking the same thing about work today. :( specially on rainy days like today.

Olivia C. said...

Sandra- Ooh! This would be great for a pedicure! Thanks for the idea. :)

All The Pretty Polish- I hope you find it, because it's seriously gorgeous! Thank you! :)

Nail Art Epicness- Thanks! :)

Kay- Isn't it?!?! :)

KarenD- Ooh! I need to see the ones you have. :)

beauxs mom- Thank you! :)

Nail Designs xox- You so should! I can't wait to see the color(s) you get! :)

Eat.Sleep.Polish- Thank you! :)

Lydz- Ahh! I'm glad you get where I'm coming from. Rainy days are the worst! Hope your week got better! :)