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Saturday, September 17, 2011

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

Hey y'all! It's Game Day so I have a red to show y'all! I told y'all in my last vlog that I got my nails done yesterday with Ruby Pumps, and I also ended up buying the polish from the salon. I'm so happy because this is the perfect red! And it's a good Razorback red! I couldn't get any sunlight pics because the sun doesn't want to cooperate with me today. And y'all will also see my super short nails. Oh well! Take a look at Ruby Pumps!

That last picture was to sort of show off the glitter/shimmer. Unsuccessful. I'm hoping to one day get really good pics of this with some awesome sunlight shots. This polish is completely opaque in two coats, which is perfect! And you don't need a solid coat of red underneath. It's not a layering polish. I do have to say that I had an incredibly hard time getting this to dry. I think the top coat the nail tech used wasn't very good. I have all kinds of finger prints (and even sheet marks!) on almost every nail. I don't understand that, because I stayed at the salon for what seemed like forever to let these dry. It just never happened. So I don't know what the deal is. The marks don't show up as much, though, because you kinda get distracted by all the glitter. It really doesn't bother me too much. The red is just too gorgeous!
Today my Hogs are taking on Troy at Fayetteville. Wish I could be there to cheer them on! It should be a really good game and an easy win. After Troy comes the big teams like Alabama and Texas A&M. I'm confident that my Hogs will have a great season! Woo Pig Sooie! And let's go SEC! College football in the South is in full swing! :)
What do y'all think of Ruby Pumps? What's your favorite red nail polish? What team are you cheering for today? Let me know!
Thanks for reading & have a great Saturday! :)


Lydz said...

beautiful color! i just bought this and cant wait to wear it. :)

Lush Lacquer (Allie) said...

This is lovely! What top coat do you use yourself? I need a fast drying one, but I don't want to use seche vite!

Nail Designs xox said...

Love the color! I've had this for a year and haven't worn it once!!! WOw I need to put it on!

Sandra said...

It's so nice, I would totally wear it at the Christmastime. :)

Nail Art Epicness said...

I had the same problem with the nail polish I'm wearing now. I thought it was dry earlier and nope I have a bunch of line marks going across them but it's hard to notice because it's a dark blue and has a shimmer to it. That's a reallypretty red though!

Audrey L said...

The new orly read i had in my latest blog post would probably be my fave:D I love the look of this one, its so pretty and dorothy like:D....guess thats why the name suits it haha:) The only team i was shouting for today was ireland in the rugby world cup! We won:D

Veronica said...

Very pretty!

Kay said...

Such a pretty polish! I just got Milani Ruby Jewels. It's a red with glitter and very jelly like, and my favorite red right now.

thenailaholic said...

I think it looks amazing on you, Olivia!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this one! This one will be great for the Holidays!

Karen C said...

Gosh! That's purdy!

Olivia C. said...

Lydz- You're going to LOVE it! It's like my favorite polish now. :)

Lush Lacquer- Thank you! I actually use OPI's Top Coat. I didn't want to use Seche Vite either, because I've heard things that weren't so good about it. My OPI isn't fast drying, but it makes my manis super shiny. And they really don't take more than 10 mins to dry. So I'm happy with it! :)

Nail Designs xox- Thank you! You definitely need to find your bottle of this and wear it! You will love it! :)

Sandra- Thank you! I think I will probably wear it for Christmas, too. :)

Nail Art Epicness- Isn't it annoying when that happens? I seriously think that if the polish has shimmer you don't really notice it as much. At least that's the case for me. Thanks! I love this polish. :)

Audrey L.- Are you going to post pics of that Orly soon? I really wanna see it! It does remind me of Dorothy! I'm glad your team won. :)

Veronica- Thank you! It's such a pretty polish and so fun to wear. :)

Kay- Thank you! Ooh I love the name of that Milani! It sounds gorgeous. I want to see pics of it! :)

thenailaholic- Aw! Thank you. You're so sweet. You should try to find this polish, I think it will look great on everyone. :)

imfeelingnail-venturous- Thank you! Yes I think it will be great around the holidays. :)

Karen C- Isn't it?!? I think your nails turned out real purdy too! :)

Nail Nerd said...

Love this polish a bunch, it looks great on you!

Madeline said...

Your super-short nails are really cute! My favorite red is probably Essie Ruby Slippers. The best red glitter.

Olivia C. said...

Nail Nerd- Thank you! :)

Madeline- Aw thanks! I would really like to find Ruby Slippers. I know it's gorgeous! :)