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Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Miss: Daytona Sand

Hey y'all! It's already Sunday. I'm so not ready for another week of classes. Oh well! I've had this polish saved up for a long time, and I don't know why I haven't already posted it. I swatched it back in July so my nails definitely look a little different. Here is No Miss Daytona Sand!

I bought this at Whole Foods in Jacksonville back in July when we were visiting. I bought it mostly for the name, since we lived pretty close to Daytona Beach. I think No Miss is a Florida based company. Every polish had a name that somehow correlated with the state of Florida. Anyway, this was I think three coats. It's a nude/natural color, so that means you can kind of do what you want with it. It's not supposed to look fully opaque or anything. I love polishes like that! Especially in the summer. I thought I should go ahead and post this now, since summer is definitely on it's way out. Oh, I loved the formula by the way!

So what do y'all think of Daytona Sand? How do y'all feel about nude/natural polish shades? Has anyone tried No Miss nail polish? Let me know!

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NailPolishEpicness said...

I've never heard of no miss. I like the color though =]] How was the formula and brush??

NailPolishEpicness said...

Misread that.. I see you said you love the formula haha =]

Nail Nerd said...

I've never seen that brand either, but that color is super with the nudeness!

Kay said...

I remember when you got this and thought it was a cool name. The Whole Foods closest to my house is 14 miles away. I only stop there when I've got other business in that part of town.

A couple weeks ago, we stopped in WF and there I was circling the soaps and lotions and what nots like a vulture, looking for nail polish. I guess not every WF carries nail polish. :(

I like nudes but I always seem to be reaching for bold color for my nails.

Have a great week in your classes!

Karen C. said...

Oh my! Why have I not seen this before with my direct access to these polishes?! I love it and it's pretty little bottle too.

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I love nude polishes, they are perfect for any season. I have seen this brand at Sun Harvest,which is an organic grocery, but never tried it. It looks lovely on you!

Veronica said...


Sandra said...

Such a pretty nude.

BeautyBehaved said...

very gorgeous nude(:

<3 BB

Vintage Makeup said...

I really love this shade on you! :) I've been wnating to try No Miss polishes.

Fabulous blog doll, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of the nudes, but it does look like it would be the perfect base for stamping!

♥beauxs mom said...

I didn't use to really go for nudes but I'm starting to really like them now, this one is no exception it's so pretty, I've never heard of this brand either, love the name though.

Bunny Masseuse said...

I have quite a few items from this line (base coat, top coat, other variety of colors) but I have struggled with them. Most of the time base/2coat color/top does not yield me a color that lasts more than 12 hrs before chipping. I would use the color alone with other products, but what's the point of using these vegan brands w/ non-vegan brands if they are supposed to stand on their own better than they do now?

Their almost natural nail polish remover is good though.

Olivia C. said...

NailPolishEpicness- No Miss can be found at Whole Foods. I found this one in FL, though, so I don't know what other WF would carry it.

Nail Nerd- haha! Yep! :)

Kay- I'm sorry you couldn't find any polish! I guess they aren't at every WF. :(
Thank you! :)

Karen C.- Come check it out! I think you would like this for a manicure. :)

thalie- Thank you thank you! It's a great brand, you should try it out! :)

Veronica- Thanks!

Sandra- Thanks!

BeautyBehaved- Thank ya!

Vintage Makeup- Thank you!

imfeelingnail-venturous- It definitely would make a good base for stamping!

beauxs mom- I didn't use to like them either. But now it's definitely one of my favorite shades to wear. Thank you!

Bunny Masseuse- Well that's no good! I would be very unhappy if the polish chipped that quickly. And yeah. What's the point of using a vegan polish if the other treatments don't work well with it and you have to use another brand? I'd really like to try the remover!