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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red & White Nails

Hey y'all! I hope y'all are all doing well. Pretty soon I'll have some time off since the semester will be over, and I plan to post more on here. I did want to share a manicure I got done in the nail salon, though. But I have the worst pictures ever. The sun has not been out in about a week. It's driving me insane. I miss the sun. I mean... I couldn't even get decent pictures of this manicure. And by the time I got around to the pictures, my nails were starting to chip. Such a bummer. But anyway, I brought in OPI's Chick Flick Cherry. I love this red! I think y'all already knew that. And since Arkansas had a big game that following Friday, I asked the nail tech if he could do something kinda fun on my ring finger. This is what he came up with.

It could have been better. But I still liked it. I hated the fact that this chipped so quickly, though. I'm seriously considering Shellac the next time I have $30 to drop. I'd love to see how long that would last on me. Have any of y'all tried it? Thoughts on it?
What do y'all think of my manicure? What's your all time favorite polish? Do you wear it often? Let me know!
I will be back soon! I'm thinking of making a vlog about some of my recent stuff. I'm also hoping the sun will come out soon. I miss it! We also got snow last night... which is just stupid. I don't live up north, and so I shouldn't see snow until, at least, the end of January. Ugh!
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Sandra said...

I really like how it looks. :)
My favorites are probably the basic black and white that I use for designs.

Hunter87 said...

This is very cute know I what to try and do it myself

d'Olivia said...

When I first saw your manicure, I thought of our Philadelphia Phillies. Whenever they are in the playoffs, I make sure to wear red polish. I like Zoya America, and sometimes I'll give it white stripes for the team colors. Sorry to hear about your snow. We got snow for Halloween, boo.

Lydz said...

i like it! i have heard that shellac is great...from friends at work but never tried it. I dont think it would be good for me since i change my nails every other day almost.