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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year with Essie

Hey y'all! Long time no talk, huh? I'm so busy y'all just have no idea. I completely lied when I said I was going to try to catch up on here over break. It just hasn't happened so far, and I'm so sorry! I think about blogging every day, but just never get around to it. Mostly because I don't have any pictures to post, so it would kinda be a waste. But y'all can keep up with me a little more on twitter, so follow me! :)
But anyway! I can't believe the new year is coming. 2011 flew by for me. So weird. Last night I decided to do my nails. Actually, I guess I should go through the whole story. Since I've started working, I've noticed that my manicures really don't last longer than, at most, three days. And then they start chipping real fast. That annoys me to no end. I've really been wanting to try Shellac. And I'm definitely going to get around to that. Probably like next week or something. I had every intention of getting it done yesterday after work, but I procrastinated long enough and convinced myself to do my own nails. I'm so weird. But yeah. So I saw Essie Power Clutch and I was almost craving it. It's my favorite grey because it is SO PERFECT. If y'all haven't seen it or bought it, I'm recommending it. It's the perfect winter shade. I also got all 4 of the Essie glitters, so I added some of Set in Stones to my ring finger and thumb. I'm really loving this! Take a look. :)

Gorgeous right?!? I love it. Essie is really surprising me lately. The Luxe Effects glitters are so hot! I can't wait to use all of them. Have any of y'all tried them? Which one is your favorite? What are you sporting for the new year? Let me know!
I hope y'all have a great New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year! Be safe! Thanks for reading! :)


Pinkbeauty_love said...

Hope you had a great New Year eve.

I been missing your post.I hope you get to post more often.

Your nails look amazing.I love to get my hands on these polish their lovely.

Audrey L said...

Olivia been way too long since I posted sorry sorry!! Blogs looking great as are the nails :D

The essie polish is beautiful!

Will be following you on twitter:D

♥beauxs mom said...

looks so pretty happy new year!