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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Insta Dri: In a Flurry

Hey y'all! Today I have a polish that I just picked up on Monday night. I went into Walgreens just to look. Of course, "just looking" almost never happens. I noticed some new Insta Dri polishes. Or "new to me" Insta Dri polishes. This was the only one that looked remotely interesting. I thought the little bits of different colored glitter was unique. I don't think I have anything similar to this in my collection, so I saw no harm in buying it. ;) Take a look at In a Flurry!

I really like it! The glitter obviously stands out a lot more in the sun, but it really sparkles. The only thing I didn't love about this was that it needed three coats and could have used a fourth coat because there were some bald spots. It seems to have a pretty thin formula, which made it difficult to get even coverage. The second coat was just too sheer for my liking. This line also has the wide, kinda weird brush. I actually don't mind it because I feel like I can coat my nail in very few strokes. But sometimes it can be difficult to work with depending on the length of your nails. That's what I have found, at least. But overall I really like the shade! I'm always drawn to the Insta Dri line because I love polishes that dry quickly, since I'm so impatient when it comes time for my nails to dry.

What do y'all think of In a Flurry? Do you like the Insta Dri line? If so, what are your favorite colors?

Thanks for reading, y'all! :)

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Sandra said...

It looks so pretty, like a night sky.
My favourite Insta Dri polish that I own is Speedy Sunburst - just a regular hot pink.