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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Target Clearance Haul

Hey y'all! I'm doing a haul post today! I haven't done one of these in so long! That's actually a good thing because it means I haven't been buying a bunch of stuff. But! I have found some stuff recently that really rocks. So I want to share that with y'all. I'd like to start by saying, please, please, PLEASE check the clearance section at your nearest Target! That's where I've found this cool stuff for killer prices! The clearance section (in the beauty section of Target) is usually on some end-cap towards the end of the beauty stuff. Or at least that's where they are here. Y'all just might find some pretty awesome stuff. Look at what I've found!
I got those Nail Strips for $2.55! Y'all! They're regularly $8.50. Ridonk, right!?! I was so happy to find those because I have been wanting to try them. But I can't bring myself to pay over $8 for them. Maybe if I have good luck with these I'll try them again. I found that coppery polish for 90 cents! It's made by Cos Bar, I think? That's what the bottle says, but I'm not familiar with the brand. It also doesn't have a name. I hate that, but I can't pass up a 90 cent polish. That last polish is a Pixi polish! Yes! It's called Metallic Mermaid and it was $2.40. I have to thank my Mama for the polish strips and Pixi polish. She actually bought those for me. Thank you Mama! :)

So I really have to urge y'all to check out the clearance section at your Target. I have a few Target stores in the area that I go to pretty frequently, so I have multiple opportunities to find awesome stuff. Have y'all found anything in clearance areas that you couldn't pass up? Have you checked out Target's clearance stuff?

I'm having a weird night, y'all. My camera made me really mad because it would NOT get a decent picture of this stuff. I gave up. That's why the picture is so horrible. And then my computer just randomly shut down as I was in the middle of typing this post. It shut down with no warning. Usually it lets me know when it is running on "reserve power" but this time it never did. Not lovin that, little macbook- get yo act togetha! Anyway! I have another full day of work tomorrow and Saturday. I'm hoping to try out these nail strips sometime between now and Sunday. I'm really excited to share it with y'all.

Thank y'all so much for reading! :)


Pinkbeauty_love said...

I love clearance sales.I need to go to my target near me and check there clearance sale.I love getting things on sale!

Last Saturday I went to Sally Beauty Supply and they had all these china glaze and finger paints on clearance and I couldn't pass up on them so I got two Finger Paints nail polish I got both for like less than $6.Which was a really good deal.

Cuti-CLUE-les said...

Those strips are so cheap. even when they are on sale here they are still so dear!

Emily said...

My Target section used to have an awesome little clearance section on the end of one of the aisles in the beauty area but they got rid of it. Since then I never see anything on clearance! :( I love those strips, and I'll only buy them if I find them on sale! Usually ULTA is good for that.

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

.90 cent polish?! That is amazing. I always, always, always check the clearance section in the beauty department and Target! They usually have some good deals. I think the last two times I've picked up some Nicole by OPI. I'm eager to see how those nails strips work out for you! I've kind of been wanting to try them too! You must post about it! Haha.

Sandra said...

I love clearance sections, I've managed to get some really good deals and found unique polishes. :)

Lydz said...

oh clearance stuff rocks! i need to check my local target!

♥beauxs mom said...

Very nice deals! I can never get over how expensive those strips are, I always talk myself out of them because I can get a whole bottle of polish for the 8$ instead on one manicure. But for that price I might get them too.