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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Throwback Polish: Wet n Wild Cool Blue Blast

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I absolutely love Wednesdays because I don't have work or classes, so I can sleep in as late as I want. I can actually do that on Mondays, too. I have an online class that I work on, but that doesn't require me to get up early or anything. So those are my favorite days of the week! You'd think that Saturday would be my favorite, but it depends on if I'm working or not. So yeah! I wanted to fill y'all in just a little bit before I get into the real material of this post. Ok, so last week I started classes at the University of Memphis. Oh my gosh was that overwhelming! I thought I was going to get so lost and be super late to all my classes. Well that never happened! And the campus is so easy to navigate. So I really love it. It's so so SO much better than where I was, and I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to make the move. I don't think I would be as happy with myself if I was still at Southwest, so this has all around been awesome for me. So that's what's been going on with me! I have a REALLY exciting weekend ahead of me, and y'all will get to hear all about that soon. :)

I was going through my polish the other day, looking at all the polishes I've had for years and years and years. I mean some of these go back to when I was really little. So I thought I could feature them on here every once in a while. The one I'm showing y'all today is Wet n Wild Cool Blue Blast. This is obviously a really old one, because that bottle is so different now! I remember this used to be my favorite color ever! My mom would never let me wear it though! HA! She preferred pinks for me. I was asking her about that the other day, and her reasoning really made sense. If you have little girls, you want them to look sweet and cute, and not have weird looking nails. So it makes perfect sense to me, now, why she never wanted me to wear it. However, when I was little, it just made me mad! It was my favorite! But looking at it now, it's not as awesome as some other colors I have. I can see why I liked it, though. :)
It's very hard not to get crazy streaks when applying this. I had a really hard time with that. I used three coats to try and even that out. I still love this polish. It just has those memories associated with it, and it's just funny to think about now. Do y'all have a polish with a story in your collection?

Thank y'all for reading! :)


Julie said...

Good luck this semester! This polish totally reminds me of the 90's :]

Michelle said...

That was my favorite nail polish in high school! I wore it all the time. :)

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

reminding me a lot of the new chanel sky line :)

KarenD said...

I still have the polish I wore at my wedding--20+ years ago!