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Monday, April 20, 2009

Burgundy Frost

Good Evening. Today I have Wet n' Wild - Burgundy Frost. This is such a flattering red. It doesn't really have any shimmer to it, but it does have that "frosted" look to it... hence the name "Burgundy Frost." I loved the way the color looked in the bottle, and I think it looked just the same on my nails. It took only two coats. I wore it for a day with just one coat, and found that adding another really enhanced the color. Enjoy, but BEWARE... enlarging the pictures would be a bad idea, my nails and cuticles aren't lookin' so purty.
Have a good evening ya'll!!! :)


Anonymous said...

atually a really nice colour
ma mums fave clour aswell :)

Mary said...

That's a pretty color, not too red, not too burgundy. I like shimmers and frosts. Still working on applying cremes that look as good as the shimmers and frosts do.

Olivia C. said...

Nail Polish Junkie~ Thanks, I think I'm going to start wearing more of my reds. lol

Mary~ I think it's pretty, too. Shimmers and frosts do apply really well. I wish all cremes were the same way.