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Monday, April 6, 2009

Rock Star Skinny

Good Morning!
Well, it's raining again... so I'm stuck with pictures from a while back.
Here we have Essie-Rock Star Skinny. It's a nice dark red... with a little shimmer. I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good and my nails look so messy. :-/
Anyway, this polish has always been a little hard to apply. It's pretty thick, and since it's such a bold color, you can really tell where you messed up. It's also a NIGHTMARE trying to remove... but I think all reds are like that. There's not much else to say about this polish. Hope ya'll enjoy! :)
Have a great day.


clockwork said...

it is pretty, looks almost like a brick shade, very fetching on you ^^

Velvet said...

Yes I have to agree with clockwork. Very fetching! I don't own this color. As I've been leery that it might be hard to apply and take off. Hmmm... I guess it depends how much a person wants the color. Pretty though!

Olivia C. said...

clockwork- Thanks so much! :)

Velvet- Yes, it's hard to apply and take off... but it looks good. Thanks, also! :)

Lucy said...

I have this color and have yet to wear it. I've been wearing nothing but holo and shimmers for weeks now. Love the shade and it looks pretty on you.