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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lime Lights

Good Evening!! How are ya'll?
Bout time for a nail polish post, huh?
This is one I picked up just recently. It's Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear~ Lime Lights. *excuse the application, it got messed up a bit*
The color is just gorgeous! It's a light, sheer lime color. It took almost four coats, but that's because I wanted to achieve the color in the bottle. You can leave it at just one coat and it looks just as cool. In different lighting, you get different flashes of color. It's really pretty. Drying time, however, took forever. I don't know why... but it seemed like it never wanted to dry. Which, is how I got so many spots messed up. Anyway... I added a top coat to make sure it would shine. :) It was very pretty and fun to wear. :)

I just ordered for the first time on I'm so excited to get my new polishes!! Will try to get pics of them as soon as they come in.

Talk to ya'll later.


Mary said...

Pretty shade of green! Bummer about the 4 coats, but I love the bottle color. It looks very nice on you.

Olivia C. said...

Mary~ Thanks... but I kinda just realized my hands look like... icky... in the pictures. The color IS very pretty :)

Velvet said...

This color is sooo nice. I can't believe. I've passed this color up,in the past. 4 coats...though, not sure if I'm prepared to deal with that. Can't wait to see what you ordered from Cherry Culture!

Lucy said...

Like this color. Hate doing 4 coats though. I really like having bottle color.

clockwork said...

I love Lime Lights, it is a pest about the four coats though.

Olivia C. said...

Velvet~ I opted for Mellow Yellow the last time I bought from this brand. They looked sorta similar... but this one is pretty different. Thanks, I hope to be getting my new polishes soon.

Lucy~ Thanks, I didn't enjoy doing four coats, but I spread it out between two days. Two the first day and two the second day.

Clockwork~ I love it, too. I was thinking about buying it, and then read more about it on your blog. I really liked how it looked on you so I definitely wanted to get it! The best part is that it was on sale (not that this brand is all that expensive... but still...)