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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keith Urban

Hey ya'll. I think I'm going to start posting about my favorite Country music singers at least once a week.
I know I did one last Thursday. This one is coming a little early.
This is also good, because it decided to rain, yet again.
But, I do have a couple new polishes to post about.
Anyway... this is KEITH URBAN!!! He is the HOTTEST country music singer, in my opinion. I am absolutely in love with him!!! Weird??? lol
He has a lot of albums out there, but his most recent is "Defying Gravity."
Here are some songs to check out (there's a lot listed!!):
1) You're My Better Half
2) You'll Think Of Me
3) You Look Good In My Shirt
4) Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
5) Where The Blacktop Ends
6) Tu Compania
7) Sweet Thing
8) Stupid Boy
9) Somebody Like You
10) Raise The Barn
11) Once In A Lifetime
12) Kiss A Girl
13) Jeans On
14) I'm In
15) I Told You So
16) I Could Fly
17) Faster Car
18) Everybody
19) Days Go By
20) Better Life

Yeah, that is a lot. lol 
What makes Keith Urban so interesting, is that he was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. He moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his country music career. :) He is a very good musician, in my opinion. Can ya'll tell that I REALLY like him?? haha

Talk to ya'll later.


Velvet said...

Yeah...I have to admit. He's pretty cute! Shhh...don't tell my! Just kidding. Yes,he has a lot of good music to listen too.

Mary said...

I like him alot, too. And yes, he's quite nice looking! Are you watching the George Strait special later tonight? He's my all time favorite country singer.

Lucy said...

He is very very sexy! I've only seen him on Tv award shows. Also seen him with his wife Nicole Kidman in magazines. We will ingnore her though.

Olivia C. said...

Velvet~ My boyfriend doesn't like it too much when I talk about him :-P But, he's just so darn hot!!

Mary~ I love George Strait! But, I didn't know there was something on tonight about him! Will have to go check that out.

Lucy~ Yes, ignore Nicole Kidman. I kid about them all the time. They just don't seem like they are supposed to go together. Their home in Nashville is very close to where I used to live... it would be so cool to get to see him in person. That would probably never happen, though. lol!