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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Positive Energy

Good Evening! Finally a nail polish post! Gosh... I've missed it. As you can kind of tell, it was overcast when I took these pictures. So, they aren't the best quality. It cleared up nicely, too. I'm sure ya'll are tired of me talking about Jacksonville's weather. 

This is Nicole by OPI's~ Positive Energy. Color-wise this is a really shiny, metallic silver. It's kind of streaky, but eventually those streaks even out. I used two coats in the pictures above. I added a top coat for extra shiny-ness. 

This is the only bottle of Nicole by OPI that I own, and I am impressed. I like the formula. It went on very nicely and it was easy to control. I like the bottle, too. Although, I can tell they will be hard to store because they are an awkward shape. The color is very pretty in my opinion. I think it looks good on shorter nails. And, it would probably look good with all skin tones. I did, however, think that it took a while for it to dry. Eventually it did dry. haha

Hope ya'll are all doing good. What do ya'll think?

Oh, by the way... WELCOME to all my new followers!!

Talk to ya'll later.


Mary said...

That's a nice silver color! I have some Nicole's and they do apply nicely. I don't see them around too often though.

Lucy said...

I like the color. Pretty on you. I don't own any Nicole polishes.

Olivia C. said...

Mary~ I've only seen them at Target, really. I really like the one I have. :)

Lucy~ Thanks. They are good polishes.

clockwork said...

Pretty silver, like it on you ^^

Velvet said...

Yay! You did it! You found Postive Energy! I remember having such a hard time trying to find this polish. It was always sold out. The day I did find it...I grabbed it and! Just kidding! I didn't cackle,but I did grab it. As it was the last one sitting on the rack! Looks lovely on you.

Olivia C. said...

Clockwork~ Thanks so much :)

Velvet~ Thanks! lol! I'm glad I found it, it's really pretty. I'm glad you have one, too!! :)