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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Still Here

Hey ya'll.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Real life can take over sometimes. I haven't had much time to do my nails and take pictures of them. lol.
I also haven't selected a winner for my giveaway yet. Hopefully I can do that soon. I'm sure it's annoying having to wait so long. Again, I'm sorry about that.

I'd like to say thank you to all of my followers. I can't believe I already have over 45 followers. That's quite a mile stone to me! I can remember when I didn't have any at all! I never thought I would reach more than 20!! With that, I'd like to welcome all of my new followers. I hope ya'll enjoy reading my blog. And, I hope that ya'll can check out the other blogs I read and follow them if you are interested. I would also would like to say thank you for all of ya'll's comments. Ya'll are all so sweet and thoughtful. I have never had a negative comment. Ya'll are all so sweet and kind, and I thank ya'll for that!! :)

I hope ya'll are all doing well. :)
I hope to be back with more pictures and a winner for my giveaway soon!! :)
Talk to ya'll later. :)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I haven't post much over the last five days due to life's craziness.
I am looking forward to seeing more nail pics soon!

abbyland said...

Hehe ^^ I know the feeling; It's much like deviantart :)

But dude seriously. How can you be surprised. You're one of the few ambassadors to people with average nails. For the likes of me with peeling I cant get my nails past a mm or it just peels (well it peels anyway but not as far; btw do you know a solution to this ?!) but when you put the colours on your nails they look like the would on mine :) Whereas those with longer nail blogs to me and just something to admire as I couldnt do that but my friend could.

Hurrah for rocking the shorter nails :D

Olivia C. said...

Deb~ Thanks. I'm glad other people feel the same way I do. :)

Abbyland~ Thanks! I can't stand for my nails to be too long. And then sometimes I just like to have short nails to see how certain colors look. haha. I'm glad that you enjoy my blog, and that it's easier for you to see how certain colors would look on you. I left a comment on your blog. I hope that helps you out a little. I'm really no help with the peeling question. I just put up with my nails. But, I like to keep them healthy by going without polish for a few days. :)