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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Polishes You Haven't Seen

Hey ya'll. Just FYI... this is a picture heavy post. 
Just wanted to show ya'll some polishes you haven't seen. I have them organized by brand. Enjoy :)

Here's Sally Hansen~ Flash. It's a really pretty bright blue with a nice amount of shimmer in it. I used two coats here, no application problems. :)

Sally Hansen Hards As Nails Xtreme Wear~ Fuchsia Power. This is definitely my go to HOT pink. I absolutely love it, and I have used A LOT of it. I used two coats because it is quite pigmented. You could almost use one coat. No application issues other than my bottle is old so it's running a bit thick.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength~ Platinum. This is a truly AWESOME color. It flashes green and pink in certain lighting. I wasn't really able to capture that on the camera, SO... ya'll will just have to go get it and try it out! I used three coats. I didn't apply it very well, but that had nothing to do with the polish.

Wet n' Wild~ Lavender Pearlescent. I, HONESTLY, don't understand that name. This just looks pink to me... with a frosted look. Anyway, two coats. No application problems.
Wet n' Wild~ Mauve Frost. This one just looks brown to me. Frosted brown anyway. I guess you can kind of see the mauve in there. Another two-coater. No application problems.

N.Y.C.~ Park Avenue. These are such good polishes. And, the bottle is quite easy to store. This is a slight lavender color. Another one with the frosted effect. I used three coats, no application problems.

N.Y.C.~ Bryant Park. I used two coats. The color is kind of like a light caramel.

Sinful Colors~ Irish Green. I got this close to St. Patrick's Day. Obviously a good color for that holiday. Kind of a jelly. It's a neon as well, and it can dry a bit matte. I used four coats. If you put glitter or something on top you can get away with three coats. No application issues with this one.
Cover Girl Nail Slicks~ Citrus Punch. Such an old color, but still applied very well. I've had this one FOREVER. But, I love this shade of orange. I used three coats.

Cover Girl Boundless Color~ Bronze Beauty. A really sparkly gold. Lovely application. Two coats.

Milani~ Pink Pop. A bubblegum pink but maybe a little darker. Two-three coats works great. Great application, as well.

Hot Topic. No name. I'm calling it Yellow-Orange. It's between those two colors. Horrible application. Never dries... always streaky. I did my best with the pics. You can see how streaky it is. And, it's matte... but I don't have a problem with that. :)

Petites~ Bronze Baby. Really a favorite of mine. I love those dark browns and mushroom type colors. This is super shiny, and so pretty on the nails!! :) Two-three coats for this one as well. Pretty good application. :)

Sally Girl~ Type A. Pink-purple shade. Almost opaque in one coat. I used two anyway. Dries matte!!! YAY!!!! :) Great application.

Sally Girl~ Dumped. Kind of don't understand the names on some of these Sally Girl polishes, but oh well. I guess this is what you would call a metallic turquoise. Two coats. Went on super smooth! Perfect!

Sally Girl~ Mean Streak. Not a fancy color, just a cool navy blue. Love it, and decided to keep my nails this color! :) Two coats works perfectly for this shade. Almost opaque in one coat. :) No application problems.

Hope ya'll enjoyed these!
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Talk to ya'll later.


Stephanie Zheng said...

Platinum, whooooo! lol. =]

I'd have to say my two favorites would have to be Dumped and Mean Streak. They're gorgeous!

Nailz-In-Aus said...

g0rjuz colours and u have very pretty nailz =D

Céline ツ said...

You have some very pretty color here !!
All are perfect with your skin tone

Inbal said...

so many wonderful colors! my fav are the sally girl blue shades :-)
I really don't know why wet n wild call this polish "lavendar", my NOTD is another "lavendar" of wet n wild and is more like puchsia, with a bit blue in it.

Deb said...

That's really neat how a couple of the shades dry matte. I am assuming it's because they are neon type colors? Neons tend to dry matte. I also like the first blue. Those SH Lacquer Shines have a lovely range of colors.

clockwork said...

Really like the look of Platinum and Mean Streak, I like Flash a lot too, think I might have that hiding somewhere.

Lucy said...

Love all the photos. I always wanted to try the Hot Topic polishes. I love the bottles but the application is hard from what I've read. Polishing I mean. That's an awesome yellow. Shame it's so streaky. I also love Mean Streak. They all look pretty on you.

nail polish junkie said...

loves them all esp the Hot Topic. 1 the bottals cool 2 :) xxx

Olivia C. said...

Stephanie Zheng~ Isn't Platinum great?? lol. Thanks! :)

Nailz-In-Auz~ Thank you!! :)

Celine~ Thank you so much!! :)

Inbal~ Thanks, those are my favorites, too! :)

Deb~ Yeah, it dried matte because it's a neon. I noticed that mattes tend to chip quite a lot. But, I like how they look! I agree, the Lacquer Shine polishes have a nice range of colors. :)

Clockwork~ Thanks. Flash is a really nice color! I bet it will look great on you! :)

Lucy~ Thanks. I only have one Hot Topic polish. But, if all of them are like the bottle I have then I don't want any more. lol! :)

Nail Polish Junkie~ Thanks. :)

poshnail said...

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for the comments.
I am addicted to green nail polish.
I love the Irish Green.
The pink that you have on your profile picture is great!

Olivia C. said...

Poshnail~ Thanks!! :) I was hooked on blue. Now I'm almost craving a dark green. haha.