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Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey ya'll.
Here we have E.L.F.~ Pearl. Not a "wow!" name... but that's the color!
I don't have too many pearl polishes, so it never really hurts to get one. I actually liked this one, but just like any other pearl polish... it's very streaky. It also took a while for it to dry, but I was expecting that. I thought it still looked really good, though. Very "light and airy" looking in my opinion. I used three coats, but I really could have gone with four because of all the streaks.

What do ya'll think?


gildedangel said...

I might pick that color up; it is very pretty!

Deb said...

My local Target had a bunch of ELF stuff, including some three pack sets of polish. I was hoping to get the professional eye shadow brush, because I heard it is quite good (and only $1), but they were all gone.

Tuli said...

Looking good on you ! I know what you mean about pearly polishes being streaky - I usually hate to deal with that, but when I succeed, it usually look beautiful.

Olivia C. said...

Gilded Angel~ You should! Thank you! :)

Deb~ I saw all of the E.L.F. stuff, too! They have a lot to choose from and they have some really cool stuff! I'm sorry you couldn't get your brush!

Tuli~ Thanks! :) I don't wear the pearls very much because of how they end up looking. But, I agree... when you get it just right... it looks great!