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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Nail Options

With Christmas coming up, I have decided to pick some colors from my collection that I wear around this time of the year. I will do one color per post up until Christmas. I know I haven't posted much lately... and I am losing some followers... so I need to do something! I think this will be fun, and maybe will get ya'll in the Christmas spirit... if you aren't already in it! :)

This is Sinful Colors~ San Francisco topped with Sinful Colors~ Paris. The pictures don't really do this color justice. In real life, this green is the perfect Christmas green. It's much darker and can get even darker depending on how many coats you use. I think of gold a lot for Christmas so I thought it looked great on top of the green. What do ya'll think? What colors do ya'll like to wear for the holidays?


gildedangel said...

This combo is great! I like to wear reds during the holidays.

Stephanie said...

I just got Paris and I'm kind of in love with it (I'm going through a gold phase now). I'm big on a lot of silver and gold polishes during the holidays. Metallic shades always make me feel festive!

Olivia C. said...

Gilded Angel~ I love reds for the holidays, too!

Stephanie~ Isn't it pretty? I love it, too. Gold always makes me think of the holidays. It's just a classic looking color.

Anonymous said...

i have that green

Tiffany ツ said...

im liking the greens! i likey A LOT!