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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting Upon 2010

Well, the year 2010 is coming to a close. It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. So much has gone on in my life in the past year, and I can honestly say that, even though 2010 has had it's ups and downs, I've enjoyed it and made memories that will last forever. I started my junior year of high school in 2009 and completed it in 2010. I put myself to the test taking on AP and honors classes, I completed them the best I could, and I was happy with the outcome. I made great friends who I enjoyed hanging out with, and still keep up with. I got to know certain people much better, and I connected with old friends. I went through a 14 month relationship that ended in the early part of 2010. The end of that relationship made me a much stronger and happier person. I walked away from it learning a lot about myself and I made decisions that have helped shape the person I've become. I spent my last days in Jacksonville, FL during the year 2010, making tons of memories and having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, 2010 was the year I had to leave Florida, the place that I can now call my second home. I truly believe that that is where I belong now. The next few years will be dedicated to figuring out a way to begin my life that I believe needs to take place in Florida. 2010 was the year I began my senior year of high school in the great state of Tennessee, and also the place I grew up. I took the ACT for the first time in 2010. And today is the day I received my results, the last day of 2010. I scored a 21, with no preparation whatsoever. 2010 was the year I got my driver's license. But, 2010 was also the year I got pulled over for the first time... :P 2010 was the year that my Arkansas Razorbacks had one of the BEST seasons and made it all the way to the Sugar Bowl. Even though I've respected my Mom, Dad, and sister my whole life, this year I've come to realize how much they mean to me. I respect and love my Mom for all of the hard work she has done raising my sister and me. I respect and love my Dad for everything he does for us. I respect my sister, but I also love her, and I'm amazed at what a great kid she is. She is becoming such a great person, and she is her OWN person. I also realized this year how hard it is to be away from all of your family. I missed them soooo much! All in all, 2010 has been one of the best years, and I'm thankful for all of the experiences I've had. I've learned so many things, and made so many great memories.
So, now for pictures completely un-related to nail polish. ;)

Two or three days before I left the Sunshine State, I went with a friend to "Auggie Bog." I've never felt like a bigger hick in my life... even though I didn't participate in the mudding. It was hilarious and a lot of fun. :)

After moving back to Tennessee, my family made a trip up to Missouri to see a bunch of family. My sister and I had been wanting, for a long time, to find a Del Taco, and the closest one was in St. Louis. Sooo we definitely went. After getting lost about a thousand times we finally found one and decided that from the look of the building... it probably wasn't the best idea to go inside. So a picture of the sign was good enough for us. :) I'm still pretty glad we didn't go inside. It was worth all the gas we wasted getting there, though. ;)

What in the world is better than a near-midnight Wal-Mart run? Not a whole lot. ;) This is from one of those times... with my favorite person in the whole world. ;)

One of my favorite things to do is go to my great-grandparents farm in Arkansas. I was born in Arkansas, and I'm definitely an Arkansas girl, so this is obviously right up my alley. I love being out there. One of the good things about moving back to TN is the fact that it is so easy to go right across the bridge to AR. I do it a lot, and I missed being able to do that. I just feel good out there.

Gross, right? Yeah. One thing I remember vividly from this great year was finding this seemingly giant spider in my room. I'm ridiculous, but it took me a good 15 to 20 minutes just to kill it. It freaked me out! I sat in my room texting people to figure out how to kill it. Looking at it now... what the heck? It's not that big of a deal... ;)

Definitely the best part of Florida life, and one of the things I miss the most. <3

I thank ALL of y'all for reading my blog. I know I haven't done a lot with it this year, but you can tell that my life is pretty full. If anything, though, my passion for all things nail-related has definitely grown.
I know that 2011 is going to bring great things, just as 2010 has. I will be completing my high school career and moving on to bigger and better things. I have a lot of goals that I plan to meet, and there are just so many things that I want to do. I pray that 2011 brings everyone I know and love great things. Stay positive and everything WILL work out the way that it is supposed to. Take time to do the things that make you happy. But keep others in your heart and mind. Pray often and love a lot.
I hope that 2010 has been as great a year for y'all as it has been for me. I thank y'all again for keeping up with me! Happy 2011! :)


Kittyluvscolor said...

That was a great read! Thanks :)
Happy New Year!!!

Olivia C. said...

thank you! :) happy new year to you, too!

Olivia C. said...

That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. You are the most amazing daughter that a mother could ever hope to have. I love you!

Karen said...

That last comment was made by your Mom!

Olivia C. said...

Mom~ Thank you! I love you, too!