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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sand Tropez

Hey, y'all! I wanted to show y'all this bottle of Essie I picked up at... Walmart! That's probably not big news anymore. :)
Anyway, I love this color. It's perfect for Spring & Summer. By the way, I'm completely sick of this winter weather... Florida really spoiled me, because I CANNOT stand these Tennessee winters.
This color requires 2-3 coats. I did two pretty thick coats and then finished with one thin coat. It wasn't necessary, though. I always have a hard time applying neutrals. I don't know why, but I do. And the thing is, I love neutrals! And I have about a million in my collection. I'll see them in the stores and fall in love. But when it comes time to apply them, I always mess up. If I go somewhere to get my nails done, I almost always pick out some sort of neutral because I know it will be applied well and will look like a million bucks by the time I walk out of the shop. Soooo this one wasn't easy to apply, either. But that's just because I lack the skills in that department. I'm sure the rest of y'all can do it no problem. :) Enjoy! Talk to y'all soon.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time applying EVERY kind of polish to my fingernails...toenails I can do fine, but I ALWAYS mess up the nails! ;)
I love neutrals,too...and nudes...I can't resist 'em. I buy them, and on the way home I'll check 'em out at a stoplight, maybe even apply on a nail...Then I think, "Gosh, this looks just like that one I have called_____ (insert name of neutral/nude polish HERE). I have drawers full of not-quite-dupes!
LOVE your blog--really cute! ;)

Velvet said...

Hello Livy....I think this neutral looks lovely on you. I know what you mean about Florida winters. I miss them sooo much. Take care.

Crystaliciousss said...

this is an awesome color! i will buy it and it will never leave my toenails ever again :)

Olivia C. said...

Anonymous- So I'm not the only one! Thank the Lord! hahahah. Well, thanks! I hope you'll keep on reading. :)

Velevet- So good to see you on here! Missed you!

Crystaliciousss- Isn't it??!!?? I think it's gonna go on my toes too, come spring & summer! :)