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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tart Deco & My Ramblings

Howdy! I have one of my very favorite Essie's to show y'all. Tart Deco!

I picked this up maybe a month ago at WalMart. I instantly fell in love with this soft, pinky orange. The shade just seems perfect. And I love wearing it. It only needs two - three coats and it has a great formula. I really love Essie. It's become one of my favorite brands, which I believe I've mentioned on here before. I see it almost everywhere I go now since the brand is available at Walgreens, WalMart, etc. But those places never have the same colors on display as a beauty store. My most recent bottle of Essie is Limo-Scene. I found that at Beauty Max. I love going in there! It's tiny, but chocked full of OPI and Essie nail polishes. Along with some Nailtiques, I think? Anyway, don't y'all just love this shade? I think it's great for this time of the year and it's really cheery. :) What do y'all think????

So I just want to ramble a little bit about my crazy life. It's really not crazy, I'm very fortunate to have what I have. I just have little ups and downs. Today was just one of those days. You know, where everything and everyone seems to push your buttons? I really don't know why today had to be that day. Do y'all ever feel like just sitting down to cry by yourself for a second will make things a little better? I feel like that from time to time and it really does help a little. I'm trying to focus on the really good things that are going on. I registered for all my classes that begin this fall. Yay! It was a ridiculous process, but it's over with, so I can breathe easy for the next few months. We also have a little trip planned to Florida next weekend and I'm stoked! I miss my friends, neighbors, and the BEACH! We have three days to work with, so we're planning different beaches for each day. We plan on Crescent Beach, for sure, and then probably Jax Beach. Jax Beach has the most amazing pier and the best little shops and restaurants. It's just up the street from Neptune Beach, which has just as many cool little places. And then, of course, St. Augustine Beach and Anastasia Island. There are so many things to do, plus going back to our old neighborhood to visit all the amazing people we had as neighbors! I'm really excited. These little things are helping me on this icky day. Luckily for me, the day is so close to being finished and I have a new episode of the Real Housewives of NYC to watch! Double yay! Oh by the way, I watched some of the Beverly Hills Housewives marathon today, and they are such a mess! Maybe that's why my day sucked so bad. ha!

How are all of y'all? I hope everyone has had a better day than me and that tomorrow is awesome! It is Friday! Thank you for reading and for all of the nice comments y'all leave! You don't know how much I really appreciate it! :)


caneriva said...

So pretty! I love shades like this, I think they're perfect for summer!

Emily said...

Omg I love this! Thanks for showing us. You can never have enough pinks/corals/salmons/oranges, seriously!

frugalspender19 said...

Oooh I want this nail polish so bad, I think its so pretty. I might just go out and get it lol.

Girl, I know exactly what you mean. I have those days too, when I just wanna cry because I think that would just make me feel so much better. Oh my, I need to get on it...I need to register for fall. Thanks for the reminder lol. Have fun on your trip. :)

Olivia C. said...

caneriva- Thanks! Yes, perfect for summer! :)

Emily- No you can NEVER have enough hahahah. :)

frugalspender19- Yes! Everyone needs it!
I'm glad you get where I'm coming from! haha. Good luck registering! :)

thenailaholic said...

Have a good Friday! MAKE it good if you have to! Or you can just laugh at me because I JUST NOW realized why your blog is Livy Lu Lu. DUH!

Olivia C. said...

thenailaholic- Thank you! I hope you have a good Friday, too! LOL- I know it sounds like a weird name. But that's what I've always been called by my family. :)