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Friday, September 23, 2011

Wet n Wild Fast Dry: Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm so happy that my school week has finally come to an end. I'm just wiped out.
Today I wanted to show y'all Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. I posted Hannah Pinktana not too long ago, which is pretty much the pink version of this. I know this isn't a full on holographic polish, but it has little bits in there that definitely make it more than just your average glitter. Take a look!

I needed three coats for this one because it's really sheer. I'm sure this would make a good layering polish, but I haven't tested that out yet. I'm hoping to do some layering experiments soon. I really liked the formula on these. If they had more exciting colors in the line, I would probably own more than two polishes.
I promise y'all that I have more exciting polishes on the way! I've been swatching like crazy today! Do y'all have anything you want to see from my collection? Or any ideas on nail art?
So what do y'all think of BWTBAM? (I really didn't feel like typing all that out, because isn't it a stupid name?!?) Have any of y'all tried these Fast Dry Wet n Wild's? What's your take on them? What colors do you own? Let me know!
Thanks for reading! :)


Kay said...

I like this. I wonder what it would look like over a light gray base? Glad you're weekend is starting already!

Nail Nerd said...

I still haven't seen this one locally but it looks gorgeous! Would probably be a great finishing coat over something dark to brighten/sparkle it up

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

I saw both Hannah Pinktana and Blue Wants to be a Millionaire at my Walgreens the other day. I was tempted to pick them up but didn't. I think I still may. I can't wait to see all the other polishes you've swatched!

thenailaholic said...

OH how I love both of those polishes :) Mix them for a pretty lilac holo :)

Lush Lacquer (Allie) said...

I don't think wet and wild is sold here :( I really like this one though

♥beauxs mom said...

I think it's very pretty definitely a layering polish though, I actually have this one and a few more from the fast dry and haven't tried any yet, I really need too.

Anonymous said...

I have this polish and I LOVE it!

Nail Art Epicness said...

I like it! I actually came close to gettin this one.

Karen C said...

I would like to see it on top of a gray base as well! It's really pretty though.

Olivia C. said...

Kay- Ahh! I just made a video with layering this, and I didn't put it over gray. I'm going to dedicate a post to that! :)

Nail Nerd- It looks great over black! :)

Eat.Sleep.Polish.- You should get them! They're definitely more layering polishes that anything else, but they are gorgeous! :)

thenailaholic- Ahh! I need to do that! :)

Lush Lacquer- Aw! I'm sorry! Thanks! :)

beauxs mom- Yeah it's definitely better layered! Try yours out! :)

imfeelingnail-venturous- Yay! Isn't it just great?!? :)

Nail Art Epicness- Thanks! You should get it. It's so pretty. :)

Karen C- I know! Now that I'm thinking about it, I think it would look really good over a gray base. Thank you! :)

Pinkbeauty_love said...

I layered this one on a light blue sinful color its a beautiful color.