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Saturday, August 4, 2012

butter London: Chancer

Because I'm so desperately wishing it was fall and college football was on every Saturday, I bring y'all butter London's Chancer. This is the perfect Razorback red. I have two games I'm going to this year, so I guess it's time to start planning manicures. This is on my list. Take a look!

Soooo gorgeous! I really have a thing for red. I have red everything in my room. From pillows on my couch to the lamp on my bedside table. For real. Red is my favorite color. So as soon as I saw this I had to have it. I just love the sparkle in it. It only took two coats and the formula was pretty good. The only thing was... it chipped within 12 hours. Not cool. Maybe I need to invest in a better top coat. But other than that, I love it!

What do y'all think of Chancer? What is your favorite nail color? What do y'all think of butter London?

I hope y'all are having a good weekend! I have worked three days straight (which doesn't sound like much... I know... but it was busy... abnormally busy for a Hallmark shop...) and I'm dead tired. I think I have next Saturday off though! But I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I have worked every Saturday for almost a year now. It's going to be extra weird. Hopefully I find something good to do. If only college football began next Saturday... ahhh.

Thank y'all for reading! :)


Lydz said...

love red polishes!

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

Oohh, pretty! This one reminds me of Ruby Pumps!