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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pixel: Oh My!

Hey y'all! Today I'm going to show y'all Pixel: Oh My! I have a few things to say about this polish, but for now just take a look at the pictures.

I only own two bottles of Pixel polish. The first one I got was a coral/pink and it was only 99 cents. I liked it okay. I have so many corals/pinks in my collection, so it didn't really stand out too much to me. But I thought the formula was pretty good. And I really like this shade that I'm showing y'all today. It was last fall when I bought it, and I'm always looking for a good red. I also really liked the glitter in this one. But let me tell y'all. These are NOT 99 cents. They are $2.49 a bottle. Y'all can see how tiny the bottle is, right?! What in the WORLD made them think that $2.49 was a good price??? Crazy. So now I don't usually pay too much attention to these. Every once in a while I'll check them out at Ulta. But I haven't seen one that I just have to have. So anyway! I did three coats of this one. It's kind of sheer, but it builds pretty nicely. Like I said before, I like the glitter in it. It really comes alive in the sunlight. And it is a good Razorback Red! ;)

What do y'all think of Oh My? Do y'all own any Pixel polishes? If so, which ones? Would you consider buying these polishes even if they're $2.49?

Thank y'all for reading! :)


KarenD said...

I bought a few when they were new to check out the brand, but haven't bought any since because as you say, they're $2.49 for a tiny bottle.

Emily said...

I've never even looked at them.. they're too tiny for the price tag!