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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game Day Nails!

Hey y'all! I've really been wanting to share my game day nails! On September 8 I went to a Razorbacks football game in Little Rock and I had to have good looking nails. I went with a "shellac" manicure because I wanted something that would last for a real long time. And it has! I'm still rocking this. It's actually OPI's version, which is all I've ever used. I haven't actually done the CND Shellac. I just call it all Shellac because it's easier. I'm not sure if any of that made sense to y'all, but yeah. So I picked OPI Big Apple Red. It IS Razorback RED! Perfect! And my nails looked perfect while calling the Hogs! Although, I really don't want to talk about the outcome of that game... or the one after it... but we'll survive and bounce back! Of course if you follow me on Twitter, I'm constantly tweeting and retweeting Razorback stuff. ;)
My Razorback sock monkey was the perfect thing to hold for this picture. It's so cute! I have a ledge over my bed that holds all of my Razorback stuff. I took a picture of it, but I'm going to include that in a special post that I'm thinking up. Plus all my photos from the game, which are all on my Facebook page. I'm going to another game in October and I'm probably gonna get a lot more pictures then. So I guess I'll post all of that sometime in late October/early November. So anyway! I've been wearing this for a little over two weeks. It will probably have to come off soon because it's growing off. I'm not going to get a fill this time, too expensive PLUS they upped their price for Shellac on me! I was so surprised! It ended up being about $45 with a tip. Ew!

So y'all call the Hogs today as they take on Rutgers in Fayetteville! I'll be faithfully watching & calling! :)


Mel, Glassflecked. said...

i loove the look of shellac manis! just too fickle to justify getting one! gorgeous red

KarenD said...

That sock monkey is adorable!

Lydz said...

what a beautiful shade! :)

Emily said...

Love this color! It's a classic. I love Shellac too! I've never tried OPI's version but it looks pretty great.

Kumiko Mae said...

thats a super cute hot pink!