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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm An Arkansas Girl, Y'all

So I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I'm very sorry about that. But I can show y'all what I've been up to lately... Callin the Hogs! ;) I have lots of photos from my trip to Fayetteville, AR this past weekend. I went with my Mom and we were able to go to the Razorbacks football game on Saturday night vs. Kentucky. We had so much fun! I hope she doesn't mind me putting a few of our pictures together on here, they were just too cute not to post. Take a look at these photos from the YOU of A. :)
 This is the back of the HUGE wide screen you can see from the field. The football field is Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Razorback Stadium for short.
 My mama & me! There were some really big storms moving through the area, that actually delayed the game TWICE and eventually forced a termination. We had our $15 rain ponchos, though. Aren't we cute?!
 The University of Arkansas has a mini Walmart on campus (and for those who don't know, Walmart was founded in NWA, so this isn't unusual) and they were selling the new Razorback poptarts! Had to get these.
 This is the band on their pre-game march around the stadium. Even they were wearing their ponchos.

 Here we are again! Before the rain.
 This is the bus the cheerleaders ride in on. Our mascot, Tusk IV is in the cage on the bottom.
 I love when the band marches around with the Razorback flags. I got as many pics of this as I could.
 The band on the big screen.
 This is a better view of the big screen, and a pic I got the next day.
 Big screen again. I looked at this more than the field because it is HUGE and you feel like you're down there on the field.
 This is along the practice fields. 
 And here's Tusk IV! Kind of hard to see, but he was definitely there!
 This was at halftime, and you can see how many people had left. The first rain delay took lots of people out of the stadium. You can see some Kentucky blue down there.
 This is the band marching through before the game and the players warming up. 
 This was one of the most awesome things, Randy Jackson stopped by!
 This is running along where Old Main sits on campus.
This is my favorite thing about halftime. I love when they run the flag of Arkansas and the Razorback flag. I get chills when they run them down the field. I love my home state and the University of Arkansas! 

I had such a great time at the game! We won 49-7 and we didn't even get to play 4 whole quarters. After the second rain delay, the game was terminated. So we scored 49 points in barely 3 quarters of play. All kinds of school records were made Saturday night, and I'm so glad I was able to be there! My Mom had a great time, too. We both agree that it was the most fun game we've been to by far. And this has been stuck in my head since Saturday night:
"Hit that line, Hit that line. Keep on going,
Take that ball right down the field
Give a cheer, Rah! Rah!
Never fear, Rah! Rah!
Arkansas will never yield
On your toes Razorbacks to the finish
Carry on with all your might
For it's A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S for Arkansas
Fight, Fight, Fight!"

Go Hogs Go! I'm going to another game on the 27th and I'm stoked! I have some nail pics coming soon of what I had on for this game and other pictures of the other things we did in NWA. Have a good one, y'all! :)


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time!

KarenD said...

Aw, you and your mom are so cute together! Looks like a great trip.