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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ahh... sunny weather is what I want right about now. But we're in the middle of tons of snow. It's so weird. I don't know if I've ever really seen this much snow. And, I mean, I do live in the south... so shouldn't we have warm weather now? Ohhhh well.
So, we have an American Apparel in downtown Memphis. It's a really cool store, and their polishes are pretty awesome, too. I picked up three when I went, which was back in the fall. I got this one, a real dark green, and then a more grey-neutral. I haven't worn this one on it's own, just for a quick swatch. But, I have worn the other two and I REALLY like them. I love the application. The brush is easy to manage and the drying time is reasonable. I also happen to like the formula. ;) I did three coats of this. Pretty sure two will do just fine, but I have that thing where I HAVE to put a third coat. Hahahah. :) Have y'all tried these polishes? Like? Dislike?


sonidlo said...

I haven´t tried these polishes yet but I know Mouse from swatches and like it :)

Olivia C. said...

Sonidlo~ It's a really pretty polish. I hope you can get some. :)

Michelle said...

Love both!

Olivia C. said...

Michelle~ Thanks! :)